IT Security Operations

With posing threats to your organization, the ability to prioritize and act on security risks quickly and efficiently will help you achieve more effective incident response. The ability to align your IT and Security departments effortlessly can save your enterprise from vulnerabilities and improve your reaction times when dealing with a possible breach.

With ServiceNow’s Security Operations Management offering, sifting through thousands of alerts is simplified, which allows you to assess your vulnerabilities and react faster. The ability to automate tasks and access them through a single system with visibility from appropriate team members increases efficiency across both your security teams and broader enterprise.


  • Align your IT and Security departments through one collaborative system
  • Prioritize security incidents by their threat to your organization
  • Automate basic tasks and processes
  • Create visual dashboards to reflect current security posture
  • Alert relevant teams and individuals

What to expect

  • One single system for Security and IT departments for visibility on your current security posture
  • Improved collaboration in relation to incident response and handling
  • Automate information flow to relevant teams and individuals
  • Intuitive visual dashboards to give you faster insight

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