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Enterprise Onboarding

Successful Service Delivery is a key enabler of Operational Resilience and is comprised of IT, People, Assets and Suppliers. It is multifunctional, and we know it’s a challenge for any organization. We should remember however, that the People element is just as important to IT. Through your ServiceNow investment, you can further support strategic service delivery thus enterprise onboarding.

Research highlights that organizations directly benefit from providing effective onboarding. Employees feel that they are more connected to the organization and the team, feel more engaged and supported and perceive the HR team and organization as a positive experience. IT plays a major role in the start of this critical journey for anyone involved, and it should be perceived as an enabler for supporting the People element.

No organization is the same, even though processes are generally aligned, each organization is different.


  • An enhanced onboarding experience
  • Streamline information gathering gathering for onboarding process
  • Identify activities, stakeholders, dependencies, requirements and touchpoints
  • Pre-defined checklist and scoped activities
  • Make your employees feel more engaged and supported during onboarding

What can you expect?

  • Enhanced onboarding experience and maturity
  • Faster ROI on ServiceNow investment
  • Driving onboarding maturity
  • Focus on best practise improvements
  • Thought leadership focus and end to end – and standard delivery method

Engage ESM's Enterprise Onboarding Framework

Engage ESM’s framework helps organizations deliver an enhanced onboarding experience. It streamlines the information gathering process, identifying activities, stakeholders, dependencies, requirements and touchpoints. The information gathering process is streamlined by the fact of the checklist of pre-defined and scoped activities to enable decision making, deliver fast ROI on the ServiceNow investment and drive onboarding maturity.

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