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Enterprises may be required to store confidential files on their premises for internal or external regulation purposes and in order to comply with security and audit requirements. Requirements may encompass file types such as Microsoft Office Files, screenshots, images, PDF, txt, etc. This application is available on the ServiceNow Store.

OnSiteFile, an exclusive application for ServiceNow from Engage ESM, enables enterprises to leverage the power of ServiceNow while storing files on their own premises and retaining all ServiceNow functionality.

OnSite file replaces the “out of the box” attachment functionality for file attachments in ServiceNow. Files that need to be attached to a record in ServiceNow are sent to the Enterprise file repository of their choice rather than being stored in the ServiceNow cloud.

OnSiteFile implements a customization for ServiceNow client side. This means that under no circumstances, a given file leaves the Enterprise network to reach the ServiceNow cloud. Instead, the web browser routes the file to the appropriate destination to be stored on the Enterprise infrastructure.

As the technical components required for OnSiteFile are located on the customer site, files remain completely secured within the enterprise network boundaries.


OnSite file can be configured to be used globally across ServiceNow or on specific tables. Combinations of several specific tables is also supported. For example, a customer may decide to use OnSiteFile for Change Management and Incident Management but not for Request Management.

ServiceNow supported versions for OnSiteFile are from version Helsinki onwards.