Case Study:
International Healthcare Group

A leading international healthcare group, they run care homes, health centres, dental centres and hospitals, offer personal and company health insurance and provide home healthcare, workplace health services, health assessments and chronic disease management services including health coaching.

They are committed to making quality healthcare, focused on the patients needs, more affordable and accessible in the areas of wellness, chronic disease management and ageing.

We really learnt a lot from the consultants that we dealt with. The way they would ‘think outside the box’ gave us some real food for thought about how we should think about future developments. We now challenge ourselves more as to what we can achieve in-house and look forward to Engage ESM helping us deliver further deployments in the future.

Senior Technical Management Lead, International Healthcare Group

What was needed

The customer has a commitment to constant improvement, and as a result of this they have been looking into automation as a way of raising their game.

The objective of the project was to automate all tasks that the security department usually undertook, with the goal of providing a better lead time for their internal customers and reducing the workload of Service Securities.

This project covered 8,000-10,000 users who have active directory accounts and 30,000 potential users, mainly based in the UK.

The main aim was to automate onboarding, to less than an day whereas it had previously taken several days. It was also hoped that the time taken to complete other tasks would be considerably reduced.

How we tackled it

Engage ESM suggested the ServiceNow Automation platform as a solution, as it was flexible but also scalable enough to allow for any future needs.

The customer recognised the areas that needed to be included in the project had already identified the list of tasks that needed to be automated by the solution.

The timescales for implementation were very challenging, with only 42 days from design to deployment. Engage ESM used a very agile approach to project delivery so were able to deliver on time and in budget.

Business outcomes

Through automation and improved process, the department is now far more productive. Most importantly, the focus has switched from an administrative one, to creating value for the organisation. Improvements in efficiency include:

  • Analysis of the solution identified 2499 requests that previous would have taken 5 days and had now been done in an hour.
  • The solution also allowed administrators to set up accounts and add the accounts to groups, in minutes that had previously taken up to an hour
  • The automation of more basic tasks released the administrators to enable them to work on more interesting projects and increase staff satisfaction
  • The team are able to deliver a consistent service to every customer as they are no longer needing to work round special arrangements

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