Crisis Management - Emergency Outreach

Quickly notify employees of important information in the event of an emergency, such as COVID-19. Also provides a simple response interface for employees to self-report their health status to ensure employee safety and anticipate staffing gaps. Graphical dashboards make it easy for employers to monitor status.

Key Features

During a crisis, this application helps organizations connect with and assess the impact of an emergency event on their employees. Employers can share important information regarding the emergency and safety measures. Employers can request a status report from within the message. Communications can take place via email or mobile phone push notifications. 

Workflows include:

  • Send employee notifications via email or push notifications 
  • Select target audiences for notifications 
  • Customize the notification content and frequency 
  • View individual employee status records
  • Access status and response rates in a dashboard 

Along with its companion workflows, Emergency Outreach helps organization mobilize their emergency response efforts during crises and streamline and automate activities on multiple fronts.

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