Enabling UK Government Department’s
Journey to the Cloud

London, June 2, 2017

Engage ESM are pleased to announce that they have extended their Cisco CloudCenter (CliQr) G-Cloud offering to include Cisco product subscriptions. As a Cisco ECS Software Integrator partner, Engage ESM also have the capability to re-sell Cisco Cloud Center as an ELA.
Cisco CloudCenter - Hybrid Cloud Management platform
Deployed in multiple UK and US government agencies; Cisco CloudCenter solution is a hybrid cloud management platform that securely provisions infrastructure resources and deploys application components and data in more than 19 data center and private and public cloud environments and regions.
Visit the G-Cloud - Digital Marketplace for more information. 

Cisco CloudCenter Jumpstart - Advisory, Implementation and Support Services
CloudCenter JumpStart from Engage ESM can quickly take you on the first steps towards a fully functioning Cloud Management Platform. Combining best-in-class functionality with an iterative and agile approach you get a low-risk implementation. Plus, with a fixed price CloudCenter JumpStart can provide you with accelerated time-to-value.
Visit the G-Cloud - Digital Marketplace for more information.
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