Case Study:
University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham Case Study

The HR department at the University of Birmingham was faced with the urgent requirement to radically streamline their HR processes, improve management reporting and provide a more effective service to their staff, following the centralization of the recruitment and transactional teams.

The Problem

The University HR department was managing high volumes of data in an unstructured way. The newly centralized function was under pressure to better process, track and manage data across multiple channels. The HR requirement was twofold; for a new platform capable of underpinning a best-practice approach, and for a partner with strong HR expertise capable of consulting on and implementing a solution within a relatively short 3-month timeframe.The market-leading ServiceNow platform was quickly identified as having unique benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness and the scalability of Software as a Service (SaaS). Unlike many solutions in the market, the ServiceNow HR solution wouldn’t replace existing systems but complement them. Specifically, it would provide Birmingham University HR with the capability to:

  • Centrally manage, measure, track and report on both employee and external interactions with HR
  • Deliver more effective HR services to improve their employer and employee experiences

These benefits, alongside a compelling ROI business case, meant ServiceNow HR was quickly identified as the most suitable technology and platform to adopt. This decision was also bolstered by the existing use of ServiceNow by the University of Birmingham for their IT Service Management solution.Given the demanding timeframes and strategic importance of the project, a partner with strong consultative capabilities across both ServiceNow and HR was required. With a strong reputation across both, Engage ESM was selected to lead the project and implement the ServiceNow HR solution.

After evaluating the University’s existing HR processes and priorities, Engage ESM adopted a best-practice approach. The recommended Engage ESM HR Service Management (HRSM) Jumpstart solution was based on proven HR frameworks and utilized existing blueprints to minimise time-to-value and maximize cost-effectiveness.Leveraging agile methodologies, Engage ESM HRSM JumpStart was quickly implemented within an 8-week time frame.

Engage ESM and their HRSM Jumpstart solution for ServiceNow has been transformational. HR in the University of Birmingham is now far less reactive. HR processes are more operationally efficient which in turn means more time is freed up to add more value and contribute more strategically. ~Geeta Parashar, HR Project and Systems Manager, University of Birmingham


The impact of the Engage ESM HR Jumpstart solution has been transformational for the University of Birmingham. Almost immediately, the University HR department gained a real and measurable improvement in the sophistication of their processes and reporting.This has meant significant changes for the HR team as previously manual processes such as tracking, and logging enquires are now fully automated. The University can now easily audit, track and report on all cases and with this better visibility they are now able to deliver a higher level of service.Following the success of the ServiceNow HR implementation, the University of Birmingham continues to look at more ways to leverage the platform.

Quick Facts

  • 25,241 HR cases have been processed (as at 19/06/2018)
  • 100% of work is allocated to a named contact within 1 day
  • Over 80% of work is completed within the SLA for the size of workOver 90% of offers sent within 3 working days
  • Over 95% of posts advertised within the allocated SLA
  • Ability to track, audit and report cases


  • Critical enabler of a centralized HR service
  • Supporting the day to day management of our operational work
  • Providing visibility and assurance to our customers
  • Enables a continuity of service and then ensure fair and consistent workloads for the team
  • Enables us to see our performance in real time and respond appropriately rather than react to problems
  • Will enable us to develop SLA’s and manage expectations
  • More secure than email

Case Study:
NHS Blood and Transplant

Streamlined and efficient service experience for NHSBT


At a glance

NHSBT needed a more effective way to harness the huge amounts of data it had at its disposal. Doing so would enable it to better capture analytical insights and use them to ensure that its internal operations ran smoothly across the country.


  • 98% of records are up to date
  • 650 of agent time saved
  • 500+ license users
  • Focus on more strategic tasks, improving the overall service for patients
  • Faster service process for employees, enhancing the overall experience

ServiceNow is expanding across directorates, and they are increasingly joining up and sharing the benefits.”

Donna Lea-Dodd, former Assistant Director, Live Services, NHSBT

A data management challenge

With more than 5,500 staff members in 93 locations across the UK, NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) is an essential part of the National Health Service (NHS), providing blood donation services for England and organ donation services for the UK. This includes managing the donations, storage, and transplantations of blood, organs, tissues, bone marrow, and stem cells, as well as researching new treatments and processes.

NHSBT was already using ServiceNow products in parts of its operation, but deployment was fragmented. The platform was underutilized; opportunities were being missed.

The need for a foundation NHSBT had key issues to resolve. In particular, it needed a more effective way to harness the huge amounts of data it had at its disposal. Doing so would enable it to better capture analytical insights and use them to ensure that its internal operations ran smoothly across the country.

NHSBT also had to navigate the challenges of COVID-19 and evolve its processes to support employees working from home, facilitate remote patient visits and warehousing admin, and ultimately provide the best possible care remotely. When Donna Lea-Dodd joined NHSBT as Assistant Director of Live Services in 2019, she quickly identified her main objectives. “The task was to improve customer service to NHSBT colleagues,” she says. “We needed to provide a foundation, reduce manual overheads to ensure that people do more with what they have, and ensure that they had performant and available services.”

Great workflow, great user experience

Working with ServiceNow and technology delivery partner Engage ESM, Atos ServiceNow practice, Donna realized that effective groundwork would be critical to success. “We had to cleanse and populate data,” she notes. “Also, manual updates and changes don’t provide enough accuracy, so we automated and added systems to update and check data.”

NHSBT’s enhanced services portal unifies the employee service experience into a single online destination for all staff to access the help or information they need. Employees can launch the portal to instantly access a range of organization-wide services, wherever they are, through a desktop, laptop, or mobile web browser. 

The team can now focus on more complex tasks that can’t be automated. The overall experience for users and high-volume requests is much better.

Mahesh Halai, former ServiceNow Solutions Specialist, NHSBT

Other departments share the benefits

NHSBT can now track assets quickly and easily, providing a full picture of where each one is and enabling them to be updated from a security viewpoint. The automation process has also improved customer service: the use of live data means requests that would previously have taken days to process are now handled instantly, while dashboards enable full visibility of service performance. Within a year, ServiceNow had saved 650 hours of valuable NHSBT agent time, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks and improve the overall service for patients.

The platform’s update schedule has been accelerated from four per year to monthly, with each one eliminating more manual processes, speeding up the service process for employees, and enhancing the overall experience. “Other departments are now asking if using ServiceNow is an option for their services,” concludes Donna. “It’s expanding across directorates, and they are increasingly joining up and sharing the benefits.”

Download the NHSBT case study.

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Case Study:
Affinity Water

Affinity Water is the largest water-only supplier in the UK. The company’s IT operation is responsible for delivering a range of IT services to 1,400 employees. Previously outsourced, the company initiated a bold move to bring all IT services and projects back in-house to kick-start its digital-first strategy. 

Ben Wilson, IT Services Manager, Affinity Water, explains: “We wanted to make a strategic move towards transforming the IT services function. This encompassed a variety of elements, including the development of new applications, accelerating our use of the cloud, and re-imagining the experience we created for our internal customers.” 

To initiate the digital-first strategy, 90 people joined Affinity Water’s IT department, covering the whole operation: architecture, service desk, service management, infrastructure, security, projects, and programme management. Yet, the radical move presented challenges. 

Ben explains: “We were essentially starting from scratch so we saw this as an enormous opportunity to vastly improve the systems to record assets and call logging information.”

With ServiceNow out-of-the-box functionality, Affinity Water brings outsourced IT services in-house and creates a single employee self-service portal 

Using ServiceNow out-of-the-box, Affinity Water launched a quick-start package for incident, problem, and change management, and within six months had transferred all responsibility from the incumbent outsourcer.

“Building our in-house operation from scratch seemed like a massive undertaking,” says Ben. “We had a new team and didn’t have the luxury of time, yet it was exciting. ServiceNow enabled us to develop workflows and incident scenarios while still being able to meet the day-to-day challenges of the business, taking an agile approach to service management development.”

ServiceNow has agility built in. We can get our ideas to market before others have even finished scoping them—and that’s incredibly exciting.

Ben Wilson - IT Services Manager, Affinity Water

Phase two of the initiative focused on request fulfilment through the launch of a new service portal, which Ben says: “truly opened the new interface between IT and the internal customer.” 

Ben’s team worked hard to bring the portal to life, creating 60 to 70 items in the self-service portal that enable employees to request anything from kit bundles and hardware to software applications and access rights. Every piece of information required by the IT service desk to action the request is captured in the portal, helping to ensure fast resolution. 

A focus on the user experience was essential, says Ben: “Rather than designing the portal for IT, we focused on creating a customer-focused service with simple workflows—a business portal to consume anything IT-related.” 

Within four weeks, approximately 40% of requests had shifted to the self-service portal, at which time Ben took the decision to turn off email requests. Today, 85% of requests come through the portal, which means 20,000 requests per year have been moved off email into the service portal.

Affinity Water expands its use of ServiceNow to customer service to help meet strict regulatory requirements and minimize the risk of fines

In recent years, significant market reform from UK industry regulator Ofwat led Affinity Water to split its wholesale and retail operations and run them as separate businesses. This presented a new opportunity to use ServiceNow. 

Ben says the restructuring created challenges, “Our wholesale team had to work with several new retail customers and needed a more efficient way to record their interactions. They needed a system to provide visibility of queues, including who was calling and the status of requests or problems.” 

ServiceNow Customer Service Management was used to create a seamless experience for retail customers.

Affinity Water’s wholesale department approached Ben and his team to find out more about how IT could improve its service to retail customers. Ben’s team worked closely with wholesale to deploy ServiceNow® Customer Service Management to create a seamless experience for retail customers. Information on every single Supply Point ID—which identifies the meter supplying each address—can be accessed on ServiceNow. This allowed the wholesale team to identify exactly which supply point the retailer was calling about, and expedite a resolution. 

“Our wholesale team has used this system to its full advantage. They are now pushing for the top spot on wholesale service delivery in the water industry and our IT department is delighted to have had the opportunity to help them achieve this,” adds Ben.

ServiceNow provides visibility into unplanned service disruptions and expedites restoration 

ServiceNow has also extended into Affinity Water’s Situational Awareness programme, forming the platform for a control hub to handle the communication and information flow for every planned and unplanned interruption. The hub is called the Customer Impact Tool.

Ben comments, “Incidents can happen at any time across our water network, through pipe failure or external damage. Either way, we have a duty to restore water within 12 hours. We are regulated on this and failure to comply can mean fines and rebates to customers that can be a significant cost to the business.” 

All communication has moved off email and into ServiceNow, where automated workflows provide timely alerts to stakeholders on what has happened, why it has happened, and what is being actioned. 

Manual monitoring has been replaced with dashboards displaying countdown clocks and the status of all disruptions so that informed decisions can be taken on where to apply resource and remediation. 

“We’re dealing with complicated scenarios and a ticking clock for resolving any interruption. Now, every executive, incident handler, customer service representative, and field engineer can view the dashboard and, with the right permissions in place, update jobs in real time. The consolidated tracking capabilities makes auditing straightforward for our regulation teams,” says Ben.

Affinity Water plans to increase its corporate agility in other areas of the business using ServiceNow 

The agile approach supported by ServiceNow enables the IT team to deliver value across Affinity Water by creating new features, applications, and instances on a single platform. Additional projects are already being discussed with Facilities and HR, while IT is exploring automation and machine learning, and is primed for a Customer Impact Tool part two.

“It’s easy to come up with an idea, but usually hard to make it happen. You need to plan, build, buy, and test. ServiceNow has agility built in. We can get our ideas to market before others have even finished scoping them—and that’s incredibly exciting,” says Ben. 

“ServiceNow is a significant win for Affinity Water. People across the business are experiencing first-hand what IT has achieved, and we’re doing some genuinely awesome work with the platform.”

Source: ServiceNow, Affinity Water creates a digital-first service experience and minimizes regulatory risk

Case Study:

Die Betfair Group plc ist die weltweit größte Internet-Wett Börse.  Heute läuft Betfair unter drei separaten Geschäftseinheiten, die die Produkte Exchange, Sport und Gaming betreiben.

Die Herausforderung

Betfair suchte nach einer Maximierung unserer Investitionen in die Service-Management-Plattform. Wir hatten in die Service-Management-Plattform investiert und die erstmalige Implementierung abgeschlossen. Eine Reihe von Vorteilen wurden identifiziert und um Kostensenkungen und verbesserte Effizienz.  Wir waren daran interessiert, die Akzeptanz der Technologie zu erhöhen und diese Vorteile in anderen Teilen des Unternehmens zu fördern, wie z. b. Einrichtungen, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Promotions, DevOps und Business Intelligence. 

Was wir getan haben und was wurde erreicht?

 Wir arbeiteten mit Engage ESM, um eine Roadmap zu definieren, die für unser Unternehmen sinnvoll ist, indem wir schnelle, hohe Auswirkungen auf die neue Plattform, wie das Migrieren von Legacy-Ticketing-Systemen, und das Entfernen von technischen Schulden.  Der Agile Ansatz von innovise gab uns die Fähigkeit, unsere Umwelt zu ändern, und auch weiterhin zu ändern, um auf das Geschäft in sehr kurzen Zeitrahmen zu reagieren.

Die Engage-ESM-Roadmap hat ein Programm zur Transformation von Unternehmen vorangetrieben, das eine Comms-und Adoptions Strategie nutzt, um das Business Buy-in für das Enterprise Service Management zu gewährleisten, das der gesamten Organisation zugute käme.

Warum wir mit Engage ESM gearbeitet haben

Nachdem wir einen Ausschreibungsprozess durchlaufen haben, wählten wir ESM als Partner der Wahl aufgrund ihres innovativen Ansatzes und Reputation als Unternehmen, das Qualität liefert.  Es war uns wichtig, dass wir innerhalb der vereinbarten Fristen schnell umziehen und an das Unternehmen zurückliefern können. 

Engage ESM verstanden dies und arbeitete, um einen flexiblen Ansatz, der in mit unserem Gesamtplan zur Verbesserung der Akzeptanz und den Wert der Plattform ausgestattet bieten.
Die Mitarbeiter von ESM haben das gesamte Paket bereitgestellt, nicht nur technisches Know-how und Erfahrung, sondern auch Prozessberatung, Comms und Adoption, Lösungsarchitektur, Geschäftsanalyse und Stakeholder-Management. 

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Case Study:
AB Agri

AB Agri implements ServiceNow HR Service Delivery to elevate the employee experience.


The client

AB Agri is a £1.2 billion global agri-food business, and as the agricultural division of Associated British Foods, they focus on animal nutrition and agricultural services. The company employs more than 3,000 multi-lingual people in the UK and overseas, across a range of professions.

They supply products and services to farmers, feed and food manufacturers, processors, and retailers selling products in more than 70 countries.


The challenge 

AB Agri needed to simplify their employees’ work lives and productivity by transforming and automating HR processes.

Historically, the lack of digitization and innovation was proving time-consuming, especially to employees without access to company devices.

No centralized HR Case Management system meant there were inconsistencies in HR responses, and these irregularities as well as performance metrics generally were difficult to analyze.

Separate systems held employee data and documents, making the HR workflows challenging and cost-ineffective.

The solution

To support AB Agri requirements, Engage ESM, the Atos ServiceNow practice, used a Jumpstart blueprint approach and created and implemented a new customized HR tool named HIVE. 

“HIVE allows us to create a central one-stop shop for all our HR and payroll queries. We’ve already seen a positive difference since the tool’s rollout, with our global colleagues using the system to get the information and answers they need quicker and easier than before – through the live chat, mobile app, and the employee portal. HIVE has also freed up time for our wider HR colleagues and line managers, who no longer answer these queries, as people can come to us directly. We’re looking forward to seeing the difference HIVE makes to our business as we continue to adopt the tool.” 

Louise McEachran, Head of People Services, AB Agri

The Result

The new solution concentrates on the core HR modules, while also integrating to SuccessFactors to improve the reliability and accuracy of employee data. 

The ServiceNow implementation enables AB Agri to benefit from consistent HR processes, with all the advantages a single platform brings, including better analytics. This is alongside the introduction of self-service, and the foundations to support a growing knowledge base. 

Download the AB Agri case study.

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Case Study:
Alvarez & Marsal

The challenge 

Alvarez & Marsal (A&M) is a global professional services firm that has provided leadership, problem-solving, and value creation for companies across industries for over three decades. They employ more than 5000 people and have operations across 25 countries.

Being a heavily regulated business, A&M wanted a multi-tenancy solution to ensure the highest level of security to its customer service IT operations.

Historically, A&M’s internal level 3 security operations only provided 8x5 customer support. The company wanted to extend its support hours to 24x7 (levels 1 and 2) by integrating its security operations with an external cybersecurity provider.

The solution

ServiceNow production platform was migrated to a fully domain separated instance with a tailored customer service management portal. This would optimize internal and external IT workloads and help the company to achieve its cybersecurity objectives.

To ensure an increased threat protection layer and faster incident response, A&M’s ServiceNow production instance was integrated with the chosen external provider.

This integration enables the external and internal A&M security teams to better coordinate their cybersecurity operations as well as identify threats faster. As a result, all incidents are prioritized and responded to, conforming with the company’s agreed service level agreements.

The Engage ESM team showed excellent commitment to our project from the outset, helping us to meet our objectives with brilliant support, guidance and a truly proactive approach.

Dan Holland, CTO, Alvarez & Marsal

The Result

A&M benefits from unified customer support, IT, and security operations. This means they can prioritize and remediate the vulnerabilities much faster and respond far quicker to possible threats.

Overall, the company now has a much more mature and optimized customer services and cybersecurity operations setup. By leveraging a single platform, third-party integrations, as well as changes to future workloads, are more efficiently managed, all as part of a layered approach to cybersecurity defense.

These enhancements have helped A&M to minimize the impact of security breaches and means they can now offer seamless and safe customer support worldwide.

Their experienced consultants helped us to put in place an industry leading security operations framework complete with numerous enhancements. The result has been hugely beneficial to the business, as well as to our customers worldwide.

John Krieger, ServiceNow Product Owner, Alvarez & Marsal

Download the Alvarez & Marsal case study.

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Case Study:

Veolia aligns IT operations with global service strategy and business goals

Veolia provides water, waste, and energy management solutions designed to preserve scarce raw materials and contribute to the sustainable development of communities and industries. The company’s operations are focused around three core activities: developing access to resources, preserving available resources, and replenishing resources. Using the Now Platform® and ServiceNow® Performance Analytics, Veolia established a global centre of excellence to ensure a consistent, best practice approach to KPIs and performance measurement.

Resourcing the world through service innovation, Veolia puts the sustainable development of communities and industries first

Veolia’s global culture of innovation has long helped the company increase efficiency, both internally, and in collaboration with customers. However, the company’s growing global presence was beginning to pose a challenge. Each country had its own IT operation headed by a different CIO, which meant there were 45 approaches to IT service delivery, data input, performance measurement, and reporting.

Veolia re-engineers its global IT approach: Act, Plan, Check, Do

To address this challenge, Martin Black, Veolia’s Head of Centre of Excellence for ITSM, re-engineered the company’s approach to IT service management. The result was a new strategy: Act, Plan, Check, Do.

Veolia selected ServiceNow to provide a foundation for the new strategy, delivering consistency in the way Veolia’s 24/7 IT services are delivered and measured across 45 markets.

A dedicated team was formed—and, together with Rob Gwatkin, Senior ITSM Service Delivery Manager, and Prabjoth Saimbhi, Global Product Manager—a best practice IT service management foundation was created.

ServiceNow enables Veolia to align local IT operations to its global service strategy and business goals

“ServiceNow gave us a platform to align our local IT operations with our global services strategy and the goals of the business,” says Martin. Using the Now Platform, each country can see at-a-glance what requires immediate attention, the number of incidents, first contact resolution results, and opportunities for streamlining.


ServiceNow has enabled us to take a single group approach to managing KPIs across the world.

Prabjoth Saimbhi - Global ITSM Product Manager, Veolia

The platform handles an average of 15.5 million transactions every year, and is used by Veolia's country IT teams to support local operations, including agile IT development, self-service portals, IT support, and operations management. Since the ServiceNow deployment, Veolia has achieved a 47% improvement in service response times through real-time, queue management dashboards. Veolia creates a center of excellence to drive enterprise-wide best practices 

Veolia has formalized a global service approach by creating a center of excellence (CoE) to govern IT best practices. The CoE has put in place accurate service level agreements (SLAs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) worldwide, for a consistent, enterprise-wide approach. 

“Through ServiceNow, we’ve made IT a professional service—an accountable and measured part of the business,” explains Rob. “We now have a documented strategy for IT, with clear, repeatable processes and a focus on simplification, integration, and automation.”

As part of this strategy, a Group CIO Council was also created through which the company’s 45 regional CIOs discuss how to evolve the CoE framework, and control and govern any changes.

Veolia deploys ServiceNow Performance Analytics for a single view of global service performance

Global ITSM Product Manager Prabjoth Saimbhi says that although 45 countries supplied the same output to the central business, there was no single, global approach to operational analytics. Instead, each country team worked and interpreted data differently, which led to inaccurate measurement and reporting. He notes: “Benchmarking performance on a global scale was impossible.”

Under Prabjoth’s direction, the global IT Service Management team was tasked with formalizing and standardizing global KPIs for incident management, change management, request fulfilment, and problem management. Meanwhile, ServiceNow Performance Analytics was deployed to provide a single, global view of service performance and delivery against KPIs aligning with business goals.

“Globally, we now have a clear strategy and roadmap built on consistent KPI data that we can trust, thanks to ServiceNow,” says Prabjoth. “Our SLAs are relevant and realistic and—most importantly—interpreted and reported in the same way by every CIO and country team. That’s imperative for setting targets and focusing on continuous improvement.”

Holistic analytical approach results in more informed business decisions for Veolia

The new analytical approach delivered dramatic improvements in the performance management process for Veolia’s global ITSM team, and helped to accelerate reporting and process improvements. Because ServiceNow Performance Analytics is in-platform, decisions are based on accurate, consistent, actionable information. 

The single source of data and automation capabilities has rapidly accelerated reporting and process improvements.

“When I first joined Veolia, I spent three days a month putting together a service report just for the UK market,” says Prabjoth. “Imagine this process 45 times over. It was incredibly inefficient and inconsistent.”

Prabjoth’s team now has a holistic view of the business, allowing them to forecast efficiently and make more informed decisions. They have achieved three times faster service reviews, which has led to a 50% increase in employee satisfaction.

Veolia teams in 45 markets work toward common business goals for the first time, thanks to ServiceNow

Today, every country CIO at Veolia is empowered to input into the global ITSM operation and performance and measurement approach.

ServiceNow enabled the company to take a single group approach to managing KPIs across the world, while its dashboards led to the buy-in of ServiceNow Performance Analytics methodologies across the wider business.

“I now have 45 country CIOs who understand the value of ServiceNow Performance Analytics and are working towards common performance goals,” says Prabjoth. “The benefits of the Now Platform are being actively promoted by our Group CIO Council, representing a complete turnaround in the way they see service delivery.”   

Veolia is now looking to expand the Now Platform across its legal, HR, and finance departments in multiple countries to showcase performance-driven goals in a more efficient and streamlined way.

Source: ServiceNow,Veolia aligns IT operations with global service strategy and business goals

Case Study:

Betfair Group plc est le plus grand échange de paris sur Internet au monde. Aujourd'hui, Betfair est dirigé par trois divisions distinctes qui gèrent les produits Exchange, Sports et Gaming.

Le défi

Betfair cherchait à maximiser son investissement dans la plate-forme de gestion de services. Nous avions investi dans la plate-forme de gestion de services et terminé la mise en œuvre initiale. Un certain nombre d'avantages ont été identifiés et autour de la réduction des coûts et des gains d'efficacité. Nous tenions à accroître l'adoption de la technologie et à tirer parti de ces avantages dans d'autres secteurs de l'entreprise, tels que les installations, la gouvernance, les risques et la conformité, les promotions, DevOps et la veille économique.

Ce que nous avons fait et ce qui a été réalisé

Nous avons travaillé avec Engage ESM pour définir une feuille de route qui a du sens pour notre activité, en traitant rapidement des tâches immédiates à fort impact telles que la migration du système de ticket hérité vers la nouvelle plateforme et la suppression de la dette technique. L'approche agile d'Innovise nous a permis de changer notre environnement et de continuer à le modifier pour répondre aux besoins des entreprises dans des délais très courts.

La feuille de route Engage ESM a conduit un programme de transformation de l'entreprise, utilisant une stratégie de communications et d'adoption pour garantir l'adhésion des entreprises à Enterprise Service Management, ce qui profiterait à l'ensemble de l'organisation.

Pourquoi nous avons travaillé avec Engage ESM

Après un processus d'appel d'offres, nous avons sélectionné Engage ESM en tant que partenaire de choix en raison de son approche innovante et de sa réputation en tant qu'entreprise de qualité. Il était important pour nous que nous puissions agir rapidement et livrer à l'entreprise dans les délais convenus. Engage ESM a compris cela et a travaillé pour fournir une approche flexible qui s'intègre dans notre plan global pour améliorer l'adoption et la valeur de la plate-forme.

Engager le personnel d'ESM a fourni l'ensemble du paquet, pas seulement l'expertise technique et l'expérience, mais le conseil en processus, la communication et l'adoption, l'architecture de solutions, l'analyse d'affaires et la gestion des parties prenantes.

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Case Study:
Global Investment Bank

The customer, a Global Investment Bank, draws on its substantial heritage to serve private, institutional and corporate clients worldwide, as well as retail clients. They combine their wealth management, investment banking and asset management businesses to deliver superior financial solutions.

They have offices in more than 50 countries, including all major financial centres, and employ approximately 65,000 people.

The operational structure of the Group comprises the Corporate Centre and five business divisions.

What was needed

The customer recognised that there were a number of inefficiencies in the processes they used to support all types of HR requests. There were many different supporting technologies across all geographies, all of which were very costly to maintain. A large proportion of the supporting processes were heavily dependent on human intervention. This caused unpredictable and costly delays to the simplest of HR requests. Working closely with the customer we identified a number of priority areas:

  • Users needed different levels of HR advice and service
  • Senior executives needed strategic perspective and advice
  • Line managers sought effective people management support
  • All employees wanted simple, easy access to information and service
  • Replace existing fragmented service model did not allow HR to service the business effectively
  • Reduce high operating costs and improve inefficient processes

How we tackled it

Support processes were standardised and often simplified to make the experience better for all. ServiceNow was flexible enough to handle local variations, that were usually driven by legislation in a given region. Automation of key steps in processes was important to success and helped to speed up lead time for requests. The underlying operating cost model was greatly reduced and a significant proportion of the staff were redeployed to other areas.

The platform was deployed within seven months, including testing and user integration. It was custom-designed for seven interfaces: Security, Telephony, Document Management, Document Creation, Reference Management, Business Objects and HR suite. The deployment was in four languages (English, French, German and Italian), with further plans for Mandarin and Japanese. The number of internal HR customers of the investment bank reached 65,000, all with access to the ServiceNow HR Case Management platform with differing permission levels.

Following a defined roadmap, the roll-out was carried out in 3 stages, CH, UK, then US and Asia together.

Business outcomes

The new change process improved customer satisfaction, and delivered easily measurable KPIs for the business (such as case management SLAs). Progress can be tracked, and users are able to check and amend their details and queries all in one interface. These functions include employee workforce administration, queries and issues, knowledge and document management and a service desk. Further to this:

  • Services currently provided by HR Managers covered through online facilities
  • Online capabilities provide increased availability with faster and easier access to HR knowledge and support
  • Cost base reduced
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Confidential Documents stored electronically
  • Operations and workflows could be tracked
  • Self Service for users

Get in touch

ServiceNow for HR Case Management is seen as a significant accomplishment within the bank. To learn more and see how we can help you, just drop us a line or call us on 0800 783 3040.

Case Study:
EMI Music Publishing

EMI Music Publishing represents the single largest popular music catalogue in the world, containing well over a million songs. They were named Billboard’s Publisher of the Year for the last twelve years in the United States, and Music Week’s Publisher of the Year in the UK for another two years on top of that.

This case demonstrates how the flexibility and speed of deployment inherent within cloud based Service Management applications, such as ServiceNow, opens up new opportunities for IT to support organisational change and innovation.


There is no doubt that ServiceNow has been a great tool for EMI, helping us improve service levels and productivity. However, the benefits were only realised thanks to the ability of the Engage ESM consultants to quickly assimilate and grasp our requirements and turn them into practical business solutions.

Martin King, Services Manager, Global Services, EMI

What was needed

Royalties from airplay, merchandise and licencing is at the very core of the EMI business. However, each EMI office throughout the globe had their own request management system and processes to deal with any contract, enquiry or query that arose in relation to royalties.

This meant there was a lack of visibility in terms of service metrics, an unsustainable cost base and inconsistent service delivery leading to a different customer experience at each office contacted. All of these factors were providing a barrier to future growth and preventing the business form exploiting additional revenue opportunities.

EMI needed the whole process standardised and centralised if they were to be able to deal efficiently and cost effectively with the increasing number of requests.

“Various different systems and processes had been implemented regionally as the company has grown. We identified a need to streamline these processes to ensure the business could move forward at the pace our plans required.” commented Martin King, Services Manager for Global Services.

How we tacked it

Traditionally IT Service Management systems have been used to streamline the IT helpdesk. However, the nature of EMI’s requirement for a system to track, allocate and remedy issues to do with royalties – meant an ITSM system was the ideal solution. EMI approached Engage ESM who recommended a ServiceNow system.

ServiceNow functionality is deployed in two layers – a core platform and a customisable application suite. the Engage ESM team were able to tailor the application layer to provide a customised service management application without jeopardising the integrity of the underlying core platform. This also ensured that the system is extensible and able to cope with future upgrade needs.

An initial pilot solution which was refined through a number of iterations until a final build was completed. This process also included initial on-site training from the Engage ESM Training team.

Business outcomes

After EMI went live, within days they were comfortably managing the equivalent of 1000 transactions per month.The ServiceNow system provided greater visibility with additional reporting and management information, offering a depth and breadth of reporting that had been unimaginable before the deployment.

Following deployment they have a new level of clarity within the business, and any requests for information are dealt with quickly and easily. The centralised system enables EMI to improve customer service levels and provide a consistent experience using fewer resources throughout the global operation.

EMI are now looking to extend the functionality into the Finance and Core areas of the business. After successful deployment of ServiceNow, Engage ESM are delighted to be working with EMI on this project.

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Case Study:
Global Banking Corporation

Headquartered in London and one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. Their international network comprises around 7,200 offices in over 80 countries and territories in Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East and Africa. With listings on the London, Hong Kong, New York, Paris and Bermuda stock exchanges.

They provide a comprehensive range of financial services to nearly 90 million customers through Retail Banking, Commercial Banking and Global Banking.

The IT department maintains and operates the network infrastructure across Europe. They have invested in a new Data Centre and need to ensure that secure remote access connectivity is migrated successfully from the old Data Centre.

“Given the fact that DCM has been a significant challenge and drain on our resource (here’s where I add my thanks to our Engage ESM resources), it’s incredible that we have also delivered significant projects, infrastructures as well as cost savings initiatives.”

Senior Manager, Global Banking Corporation

What was needed

Migration of over 1000 IT services from existing to new Data Centres in the UK over a period of 14 months. Migration of internet facing banking services and other remote access connectivity to the new Data Centre. Ensure that all IP addresses and Domain Name System (DNS) connectivity remained post Data Centre migration.

Firewall, load balancing and routing connectivity should be maintained to all services during the migrations. The solution should involve minimum cost, utilising existing equipment wherever possible. DNS should be correctly managed and updated successfully for all contingency, development, UAT and production services. There should be minimum impact and disruption to business critical activities, increased automation, reduced administrative time and a reduction in IP licence costs.

How we tackled it

Engage ESM provided expertise to plan, implement and test the migration of external services, including migration of DNS, and also additional resource to maintain the progress of new and existing projects.

Engage ESM was able to provide resource at appropriate levels of expertise, thus delivering cost efficiency to the bank whilst maintaining a full service to its customers. Our approach included:

  • A dedicated team that would be responsible for the planning and support of over 55 weekly migration cycles managed by each individual
  • To “lift and shift” existing physical hardware such as servers, to a new network infrastructure, with appropriate configuration changes at the time of each migration
  • Use of IP management software, scripting using VBA with Excel and Perl, allowing querying and updating of the DNS database to be automated

Business outcomes

Migration costs were minimised by efficient use of resources, and downtime minimised with careful planning of migrations. Many UK and global services (hosted in UK) were migrated with no downtime to customers.

The solution allowed for automation of bulk DNS changes (although a partially automated solution was adopted, requiring user intervention to reduce the levels of risk) resulting in decreased execution time; 1500 DNS changes could be carried out in under 90 minutes (to deploy and push out to all the DNS servers) which manually could take up to one minute per item (approx 25 hours).

Full visibility of DNS changes post migration could be seen for verification purposes. Reduction in downtime (where servers are inaccessible using DNS) allows for OAT to be carried out quicker. DNS entries that are no longer being referenced are identified, allowing them to be demised reducing the business incurring unnecessary licensing costs.

“Engage ESM have provided consultancy working with the DNS team carrying out over 40,000 DNS changes often at times outside of normal hours offering continual support. This has resulted assisting with the successful migration of around 4,000 physical and 5,600 logical servers, without any DNS connectivity problems post migration.

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Case Study:
International Healthcare Group

A leading international healthcare group, they run care homes, health centres, dental centres and hospitals, offer personal and company health insurance and provide home healthcare, workplace health services, health assessments and chronic disease management services including health coaching.

They are committed to making quality healthcare, focused on the patients needs, more affordable and accessible in the areas of wellness, chronic disease management and ageing.

We really learnt a lot from the consultants that we dealt with. The way they would ‘think outside the box’ gave us some real food for thought about how we should think about future developments. We now challenge ourselves more as to what we can achieve in-house and look forward to Engage ESM helping us deliver further deployments in the future.

Senior Technical Management Lead, International Healthcare Group

What was needed

The customer has a commitment to constant improvement, and as a result of this they have been looking into automation as a way of raising their game.

The objective of the project was to automate all tasks that the security department usually undertook, with the goal of providing a better lead time for their internal customers and reducing the workload of Service Securities.

This project covered 8,000-10,000 users who have active directory accounts and 30,000 potential users, mainly based in the UK.

The main aim was to automate onboarding, to less than an day whereas it had previously taken several days. It was also hoped that the time taken to complete other tasks would be considerably reduced.

How we tackled it

Engage ESM suggested the ServiceNow Automation platform as a solution, as it was flexible but also scalable enough to allow for any future needs.

The customer recognised the areas that needed to be included in the project had already identified the list of tasks that needed to be automated by the solution.

The timescales for implementation were very challenging, with only 42 days from design to deployment. Engage ESM used a very agile approach to project delivery so were able to deliver on time and in budget.

Business outcomes

Through automation and improved process, the department is now far more productive. Most importantly, the focus has switched from an administrative one, to creating value for the organisation. Improvements in efficiency include:

  • Analysis of the solution identified 2499 requests that previous would have taken 5 days and had now been done in an hour.
  • The solution also allowed administrators to set up accounts and add the accounts to groups, in minutes that had previously taken up to an hour
  • The automation of more basic tasks released the administrators to enable them to work on more interesting projects and increase staff satisfaction
  • The team are able to deliver a consistent service to every customer as they are no longer needing to work round special arrangements

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Case Study:

Invensys is a global technology group supplying solutions, software, services and equipment to monitor, control and automate processes in a wide range of environments and across almost every sector.

Invensys develops and applies advanced technologies that enable the world’s manufacturing and energy-generating facilities, mainline and mass transit rail networks, and appliances to operate safely and in an energy-efficient manner.

6 months on from our initial engagement with Engage ESM we have added significant value to our ServiceNow system. Through enabling our internal customers to request services online and then streamlining the backend processes we have been able to release valuable skilled resources to focus more appropriate projects and enable us to be more responsive. From a business perspective it has significantly enhanced our ability to deliver services more efficiently, demonstrate more value to the business and raise our profile.

Richard Strange, Invensys

What was needed

The Global Infrastructure Services Group within Invensys provides core services to the group of companies covering 4 main divisions, 250 offices globally and 20,000 employees.

In order to reduce costs and improve overall efficiency the global infrastructure organisation has undertaken a significant programme of global consolidation, cost reduction and change. To support this programme and provide a more consistent approach to the delivery of IT services Invensys invested in a new service management platform based on ServiceNow.

Having successfully implemented the core service desk functionality, Invensys wanted to generate more value from their ServiceNow implementation to further reduce costs and improve service levels to the business.

The first identified project was to provide a self-service capability that would enable internal customers to order specific IT services online. This would then be used to drive a semi-automated fulfilment process.

Initially there were 6 core services that were most frequently requested and whose fulfilment could be streamlined all the way to provisioning. E.g. the provisioning for a new starter.

The challenge was to streamline these 6 key services through building, testing and deploying a new service in three weeks.

Selecting a partner

ServiceNow provided Invensys with a list of possible service providers and Engage ESM were selected.

Richard Strange commented “All three potential partners appeared to have the skills, however the Engage ESM team demonstrated an ability to quickly assimilate our requirements and respond. For example, within days of first meeting, and without being prompted, Engage ESM had produced a prototype online catalogue that helped us understand and visualise how it would work.”

A key requirement, in addition to timescale, was to design the system with the flexibility to accommodate a varied range of potential processes and catalogue items in the future. In addition Invensys wanted to be self-sufficient in the update for these new items, so that they didn’t need to rely on external support.

20 days after the initial pilot visual, the Engage ESM experts had consulted, designed, built, tested and deployed a working system that met the requirements as well as supporting a streamline workflow process.

The initial 6 self-service offerings were quickly extended to 15 and Invensys are now planning to increase this number to 30 to include employee management and desktop services.

How we tackled it

Following the successful implementation of the self-service catalogue attention was moved to the requirements in Asset Management.

Despite several attempts to do this, Invensys had no central library of installed asset information with each region recording asset details differently. As a consequence the business was exposed to risk in a number of areas. First they didn’t know accurately how compliant they were with regard to software licences or version levels. Secondly they were unsure of the implications and interdependencies when undertaking any change or provisioning programme. Without having a central system the IT organisation had to undertake a very costly and time consuming manual audit every 6 months.

Again Invensys looked to see if the ServiceNow system could provide the means of both discovering what assets were in use and then recording new assets as part of an on-going process.

Engage ESM kicked off the process with a number of workshops to review the how far the out of the box functionality within ServiceNow met the requirement. Then following on from this a development roadmap and scope of work for phase one was created and agreed.

Business outcomes

Using the ServiceNow discovery application Invensys located recorded details of all the installed assets across 9 data centres.

Engage ESM then worked with the team to develop an asset management process to manage the information the discovery tool provided. Through using ServiceNow all the data could be managed in one place in a consistent format from procurement through to retirement. As a result integration costs have been significantly reduced.

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Case Study:
Virgin Media Business

Virgin Media Business has the UK’s only nationwide fibre optic network, carrying 35 per cent of all business broadband traffic. Already able to reach 85 per cent of businesses in the UK, Virgin Media Business has the ability to connect to all organisations. The largest business-to-business brand in the Virgin group, it prides itself on delivering innovative, high quality solutions that break down the barriers facing UK businesses today.

Staff are located at around 40 offices across the country, meaning that Virgin Media Business really is closer to its customers. Organisations working with Virgin Media Business include London City Airport, Nottingham Building Society, Arqiva, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Partnership and South West Water.

We now have the right platform that enables us to continuously improve the service that we offer to our customers. We have seen dramatic improvements in visibility, performance and availability. From a business point of view this has helped us increase the capacity to take-on new customers and will enable us to grow without significant operational cost.

Martin Singer, Virgin Media Business

What was needed

Virgin Media Business have ambitious plans for growth; in order to achieve this, the network operations team needed to streamline the whole operation of taking on a new customer to provide a more effective service to customers as well as to reduce cost.

The desire was to remove bottlenecks while freeing up skilled employees to contribute more rewarding and valuable work to the business.

Martin Singer noted “HP introduced us to Engage ESM who have proved to be excellent service providers. Whilst the people who we work with at Engage ESM clearly demonstrate great individual skill and experience we have also benefited greatly from the collective experience. This wider group of consultants and technical engineers has been a great source of knowledge and skill especially when integrating between a number of different service management systems.”

How we tackled it

Working closely with all the key stakeholders, the staged approach of design, build, configure and test was closely tailored to Virgin Media Business’ requirements. The implementation was completed on time and on budget and from the initial concept took 20 weeks to complete.

Business outcomes

As a consequence Virgin Media Business now have a streamlined and automated process for the take-on of new customers that has eliminated bottlenecks and manual processes. In addition to the initial take-on process, there is now an integrated Network Management System to identify issues earlier and manage network performance.

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Case Study:
William Hill

William Hill is the UK’s leading bookmaker and one of the most recognised and trusted brands in the gambling industry, providing gaming and betting services across multiple channels: online, on the high street, on the phone and on the move. They have been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2002 and employ over 15,000 people in the UK, Ireland, Israel and Bulgaria.

Their aim is to give their customers what they want, when they want it, where they want it. Well-known for their 75-year sports-betting heritage, they also offer a full range of online and telephone gaming products. In order to meet the changing demands of their diverse customer base they are continuously evolving their product range to create an exciting and entertaining gambling experience.

This has been the fastest implementation of any system I’ve ever seen, but when you consider the complexity involved this timescale was quite extraordinary,

Rob Gwatkin, Services Manager

What was needed

As the business has diversified from its betting roots it has become increasingly reliant on a complex set of integrated applications and IT infrastructure. An IT team of over 200 provides support and on-going application development for online gaming and betting, 2000 retail outlets, as well as internal systems.

This complex infrastructure was supported by a service management system called Heat. However William Hill had outgrown its capability, particularly in its ability to integrate with other systems, its response times and incident and problem management reporting. In addition there was no workflow to support the systems management processes or any online self-service capability.

How we tackled it

William Hill engaged with a number of potential providers. A scoring matrix was used to help determine the most appropriate solution given the various criteria. The key criteria were for flexibility and scalability as well as an easy upgrade path, simple and intuitive to use and could meet the tight implementation timescales.

Given all the criteria, particularly the need for a rapid implementation, William Hill opted for the ServiceNow solution from Engage ESM. One key question was over security and could ServiceNow meet the stringent security requirements for William Hill.

With just a 7 week deadline for phase one, Engage ESM provided the initial consultancy to ensure best practice, followed by technical implementation assistance, support and training. The plan was to deliver a core replacement Service Desk together with a number of interfaces with MS Exchange and IT directory services.

Business outcomes

Problem management was quickly completed with Service Desk and Incident Management following close behind - and in less than 2 months ServiceNow went live to 100 users. Within weeks our ServiceNow solution had significantly reduced resources required - by some 30%.

The second phase was to enhance the service offered to the rest of the business by enabling users to log incidents as well order services online through a self-service portal. In addition to being able to log incidents, users were also able to view the status of their logs through the portal.

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Case Study:
Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water Services Limited (YWS) is the 9th largest Water Utility in the world with a group turnover of more than £725 million. It manages the collection, treatment and distribution of water in Yorkshire, serving a population of approximately 4.9 million people as well as around 130,000 businesses.

Yorkshire Water IT aspires and intends to be a world-class IT department. The ability to provide highly available IT services to the business, increasingly in a 24x7 operation, is key to the success of the business in meeting regulatory and legislative initiatives. This starts with the provision of highly resilient and robust Telecommunications infrastructures and requires equally resilient and robust software architectures.

With the Engage ESM solution, I regularly pick up and fix device failures or performance issues for our WAN sites before the end users notice and before they even become a service issue

Syed Ahmed, Network Analyst, Yorkshire Water

What was needed

Yorkshire Water needed an environment that enabled early detection and notification of potential problems across the Networks Technologies landscapes, enabling a more proactive IT Service Management function. Top of the list was a world class telecommunications service, essential for maintaining the levels of services and availability required by the business. Complimentary to this was getting the network infrastructure into a more compliant state.

How we tackled it

We recommended a combination of high performance monitoring and management tools from HP Software that included:

  • HP NA (Network Automation) for compliance reporting and configuration management
  • HP Operations Manager for server monitoring
  • NNMi (Network Node Manager i- series) with associated Smart plug-ins (i-SPIs), for Performance Management and automated Network Fault Analysis

Business outcomes

  • Full integration with HP Operations Management suite providing a single management view
  • Improved Network Monitoring, providing visibility and notification of all critical events within 5 minutes (max), leading to reduced business downtime
  • Improved Network Security due to the implementation of SNMPv3, enabling encryption of network management traffic across all devices
  • Improved Network Analysis by having the ability to historically evaluate network performance and capacity, and trend growth for improved network stability
  • Ability to generate on-demand and regular compliance reports

Learn more about Yorkshire Water on their website by clicking here.

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