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Case Study:
EMI Music Publishing

EMI Music Publishing represents the single largest popular music catalogue in the world, containing well over a million songs. They were named Billboard’s Publisher of the Year for the last twelve years in the United States, and Music Week’s Publisher of the Year in the UK for another two years on top of that.

This case demonstrates how the flexibility and speed of deployment inherent within cloud based Service Management applications, such as ServiceNow, opens up new opportunities for IT to support organisational change and innovation.


There is no doubt that ServiceNow has been a great tool for EMI, helping us improve service levels and productivity. However, the benefits were only realised thanks to the ability of the Engage ESM consultants to quickly assimilate and grasp our requirements and turn them into practical business solutions.

Martin King, Services Manager, Global Services, EMI

What was needed

Royalties from airplay, merchandise and licencing is at the very core of the EMI business. However, each EMI office throughout the globe had their own request management system and processes to deal with any contract, enquiry or query that arose in relation to royalties.

This meant there was a lack of visibility in terms of service metrics, an unsustainable cost base and inconsistent service delivery leading to a different customer experience at each office contacted. All of these factors were providing a barrier to future growth and preventing the business form exploiting additional revenue opportunities.

EMI needed the whole process standardised and centralised if they were to be able to deal efficiently and cost effectively with the increasing number of requests.

“Various different systems and processes had been implemented regionally as the company has grown. We identified a need to streamline these processes to ensure the business could move forward at the pace our plans required.” commented Martin King, Services Manager for Global Services.

How we tacked it

Traditionally IT Service Management systems have been used to streamline the IT helpdesk. However, the nature of EMI’s requirement for a system to track, allocate and remedy issues to do with royalties – meant an ITSM system was the ideal solution. EMI approached Engage ESM who recommended a ServiceNow system.

ServiceNow functionality is deployed in two layers – a core platform and a customisable application suite. the Engage ESM team were able to tailor the application layer to provide a customised service management application without jeopardising the integrity of the underlying core platform. This also ensured that the system is extensible and able to cope with future upgrade needs.

An initial pilot solution which was refined through a number of iterations until a final build was completed. This process also included initial on-site training from the Engage ESM Training team.

Business outcomes

After EMI went live, within days they were comfortably managing the equivalent of 1000 transactions per month.The ServiceNow system provided greater visibility with additional reporting and management information, offering a depth and breadth of reporting that had been unimaginable before the deployment.

Following deployment they have a new level of clarity within the business, and any requests for information are dealt with quickly and easily. The centralised system enables EMI to improve customer service levels and provide a consistent experience using fewer resources throughout the global operation.

EMI are now looking to extend the functionality into the Finance and Core areas of the business. After successful deployment of ServiceNow, Engage ESM are delighted to be working with EMI on this project.

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