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Service Portal UX Design

Have you ever wondered why self-service or portal-based initiatives fail? Often it is because the end solution is determined by the technology rather than focusing on the user experience (UX) early in the design process. The Engage ESM Service Portal UX Design service is not technology-led. Instead, it exclusively takes into account the expectations, preferences and perceptions of your users.

With Service Portal UX Design, the objective is to ensure the success of your project by providing users with the best possible experience – which we define as the overall impression a user has after using the product.  We achieve this by customising ServiceNow’s intuitive Service Portal, covering each element of the UX journey shown below in line with your organisation’s specific user demands.


  • Offers the ability to adapt to the needs of current and future users
  • Focused on users rather than technology to increase adoption rates
  • Time-to-visualise is much faster than with agile coding

What you can expect from Service Portal UX Design

  • An easy way to gather and analyse input from users
  • A defined structure for all your service portal data
  • Design of each service portal interaction in line with user needs
  • The screen flow and navigation model to support usability
  • Delivery of each of the service portal design artefacts ready for go-live