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Crisis Management - Self Report

During a crisis, the ServiceNow® Emergency Self Report workflow enables employees to notify their employer of their health status. A workflow helps the employee safely return to work. It is part of a group of apps built on the Now Platform® to assist companies in their emergency response efforts. 

In contrast to email or phone reporting and manual data consolidation, Emergency Self Report provides a digital workflow that captures and automatically rolls up employee reporting data for analysis and action.

Along with its companion workflows, Emergency Self Report helps organization mobilize their emergency response efforts during COVID-19 or other crises. This application allows an employee to report their health status to their manager and the response team. Managers can use the app to monitor the status of their teams and reassign the employee’s work assigned to other team members. Employees can notify their manager when they are ready to return to work. The response team can view a roll-up of the reports, sort the data in multiple ways for analysis, and drill down into the details of any report. 

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