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Performance Analytics

Combining the strong operational reporting capabilities of ServiceNow, the power of Performance Analytics and Engage ESM expertise and thought leadership, our framework utilises Six Sigma Best Practices to optimise Service Reporting maturity, driving a culture of Continual Service Improvement towards Process Excellence.

Engage ESM’s Measurement Framework ensures that you maximise your investment in ServiceNow enabling your Service Reporting Maturity journey.

Are you able to confidently confirm that Business or IT goals are being met?
Do you have a clear view of your Critical Success Factors?

And do these statements sound familiar?

"We create reports that no one reads"
"We create reports as a ‘tick in a box’ exercise"

Service Reporting Capabilities

Engage ESM’s Service Reporting Capabilities help drive the understanding of what the metrics are telling you, rather than reporting for reporting’s sake. Performance Analytics empowers the Process Owners to focus on process efficiency and drive improvements through targeted metrics, realising clear business benefits.

We work with you to enable report owners and the governance and maintenance of the end to end reporting process is integral to our capabilities.


  • Metrics are defined with a clear target audience and a process for acting on the results.
  • Analysis confirms Key Goal Indicators are realised and ultimately, strategic objectives are met and future vision shaped.