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IT Operations Analytics

The increase in complexity, along with the accelerating rate of change in IT are the two factors that make it so difficult for IT operations teams to identify issues without having deep knowledge of a particular setup. This complexity also means that technical people are staring at incomplete screens, showing only a part of the overall situation: one layer of the stack, one area of the network, or one business service.

Engage ESM were Moogsoft’s first worldwide customer implementation, training and enablement partner. From 2012 and onwards, they have delivered many successful implementations of our product, Incident.MOOG, to clients across both North America and EMEA…

Phil Tee, CEO and Co-Founder, Moogsoft Inc.

O(eN), Where N is the number of interventions

It has been said that the probability of an error is O(eN), where N is the number of times a human being has to intervene. As complexity and pace of change increase, however, the need for human intervention grows too, and with it the probability of somebody missing something or misinterpreting a signal.

Automate routine tasks

So how can IT operations teams gain a 360-degree understanding of what’s taking place across the entire IT production stack? The answer lies within monitoring automation. A fully automated, machine learning approach can take care of routine tasks, allowing humans to deliver more value elsewhere.


...their knowledge and expertise is second to none and has enabled our customers to quickly deploy custom integrations to a host of 3rd party services. Engage ESM has been a strong strategic partner to Moogsoft and we rest easy knowing that our customers are in safe and exceedingly capable hands.

Phil Tee, CEO and Co-Founder, Moogsoft Inc.

Chat to an expert

Over the years we have implemented Incident.MOOG at many customer sites in EMEA, the US and Canada allowing customers to reduce event noise by 99% and correlate across a wide range of event feed using Machine Learning rather than static rules. Our relationship has extended over time to become the WW training and enablement partner. We have worked with Moogsoft to create end user training (User, Admin and Implementer) and are the exclusive training delivery partner worldwide.

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