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Enterprise Service Management

As consumers of enterprise services, employees have always wanted a better customer experience. Many IT departments already see the value of adopting Service Management principles, such as ITSM and ITIL. But with our support, more organizations are adopting these principles to drive major gains across the entire enterprise.

Various different systems and processes had been implemented regionally as the company has grown. We identified a need to streamline these processes to ensure the business could move forward at the pace our plans required.

Martin King, Services Manager for Global Services, EMI Music Publishing

Improve operational performance

With Enterprise Service Management (ESM) you can take IT Service Management best practices and apply them across the breadth of your organization. This isn’t a one tool fits all approach either, in fact our specialists take the time to understand your particular processes and priorities and whatever your current focus is, whether that be IT, Customer Service, HR, IT Security Operations, or a broad end-to-end enterprise project, we can help you improve operational performance by:

  • Reducing redundant business resources, associated costs and complexity
  • Extending the value of your investments in IT consolidation platforms and processes
  • Increasing IT alignment with the business and its perception as a business enabler
  • Staunching the flow of money out of your organization for legacy systems support
  • Cutting user support challenges caused by multiple disparate or incompatible resources

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Engage ESM has 15+ years of experience delivering Enterprise Service Management from vendors such as ServiceNow, IBM, HP and Moogsoft. We offer Software as a Service (SaaS), employee self-service and employee self-reliance services across multiple areas of your business – from IT and HR to Customer Service and IT Security.

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