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Customer Service Management JumpStart

Customer experience is critical to an organization’s success. A fragmented approach to customer engagement and support could mean customers are frustrated by inconsistent service, and this may impact their business. SLA penalties stack up, there is a reduction in customer satisfaction and an increase in customer churn. This leads to increased support costs and a loss of revenue and brand loyalty for your organization.

If customer care uses a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) based system that is separate from the customer support operations team, they do not have visibility into service restoral activities to effectively provide solutions or timely estimates of service restoral to customers. Trends are undetected and cases stack up. Agents are unable to get consistent views of the customer and case across multiple channels, leading to delays and errors.

JumpStart Offering

With Customer Service Management (CSM) JumpStart from Engage ESM you can achieve faster ROI from your ServiceNow investment. By prioritizing the functional areas that really matter to you, we deliver faster timeto- value and initial return in just six to ten weeks.

Engage ESM delivers a strong foundation and a comprehensive set of options which follow best practice, creating a flexible solution based on your requirements. CSM JumpStart combines best-in-class functionality with an iterative and agile approach; resulting in a low-risk implementation. Click the image below to access our JumpStart datasheet.

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