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Crisis Management

As part of an effort to help customers through the current COVID-19 crisis, ServiceNow has made available four new community apps. These apps are now available free on the ServiceNow website until 30th September 2020.

Given the complexity and importance of community within this crsis, we believe it's our duty to share our approach and the application we were able to quickly develop on the Now Platform.

Jennifer McNamara

CIO, Washington State Department of Health

Engage ESM have reviewed each of the four Apps and we believe the following two will be bring the most immediate value to the majority of our customers:

  • Emergency Outreach
  • Emergency Self Report

We are already implementing some of these features for several customers and we have deployed the Emergency Outreach Application to support Internal Operations ourselves already.

At Engage ESM, we will continue to support our customers and to provide help where possible. Given our experience, we are now in a position to offer all our Engage ESM ServiceNow customers a complimentary 1 day configuration and quick set-up in their Development environment for two ServiceNow applications.

We are offering all our Engage ESM ServiceNow customers a complimentary 1-day configuration and quick set-up of the 2 applications and our offer includes the update sets to join the apps together. Contact our experts here to see how we can configure the above applications to help your enterprise at this time.