Building Business Applications

Gain more value from your enterprise-wide systems, applications and processes through a single development platform. ServiceNow provides a single application development platform that can be applied across multiple mobile and web technologies. Achieve faster ROI through faster application deployment and deliver incremental value with each new application you develop.

Improve Service Visibility
• Reduce operating expenses as a result of having a single diversified application stack
• Report easily and effectively on data across the service
• More efficient knowledge sharing

Increase Availability
• Decrease cost associated with unreliable service performance
• Reduce business risk incurred from lack of compliance and performance
• Avoid multiple intake points spread over numerous different platforms/apps

Be More Agile
• Speed up time-to-market for internal requests for associated services
• Decrease cost and effort associated when implementing application changes

What to expect

  • Engage ESM are experienced in building bespoke cloud enabled applications
  • Royalty Management, Funding and Funding Request Management, Outsourcing and Risk Management, and Customer Service Management


  • Enable digital strategies to take your application to market faster
  • Optimize business and service operations
  • Increase service visibility, availability, and agility

Get in touch

Engage ESM has 15+ years of experience delivering Enterprise Service Management from vendors such as ServiceNow, IBM, HP and Moogsoft.

To learn more just drop us a line or call us on 0800 783 3040.