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Advanced Metrics

At Engage ESM we always strive to show the true impact of our programs. Instead of relying on end-of-event evaluations, we measure multiple aspects of enablement.

We use Kirkpatrick’s four-level evaluation model and combine this with our Performance Acceleration Services. This means we can monitor the effectiveness of the program at key stages after the initial activity.


The value to your business

By seeing whether or not behavioural change is taking place, you can determine how successful your enablement program has been. Early on, you can see how the learning and tools are being adopted and creating behaviour change. You can then match these to business results. If progress is slow, we can use the results to recommend how to increase and accelerate results to enable you to decide what additional actions are required.


A case in point

See an example of how we implemented an advanced metrics program for one of our worldwide vendors. This program meant the company could measure key performance indicators to ensure the required sales results from its newly established channel.


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