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Facilitator-led Programs

Embedding change following enablement can be the single biggest challenge to success. Often this comes down to a lack of skills in knowing how to apply what was learnt.

Engage ESM Facilitator-led Programs ensure individuals are stimulated and challenged to exceed results far beyond their comfort zones. Our facilitators bring unrivalled capabilities and real-life go-to-market sales experience. The programs ensure that what is being taught is applied through strategies, tactics and tools provided to create know-how. 


How does this help you?

This combination of expertise and experience means our facilitators can:

  • Generate discussions to advance learning
  • Simulate and apply ideas to real-life scenarios
  • Offer insights into best practice and share how teams can be more successful
  • Provide action-based tools and coaching for quicker results

Over 50% of the content is practical. It is also underpinned by core planning, sales, and customer engagement tools. This means individuals can practice their new skills in a safe environment and understand the impact on their daily activities and how to increase results.

Innovative business and sales enablement

A typical workshop

Each of our Facilitator-led Programs focuses on action. In the workshops, people are encouraged to apply learning to their own environment. They are also asked to create an individual action plan. Available in-person and virtually, each program is customizable. For maximum results, combine Facilitator-led Programs with our Digitalized Learning and Acceleration Services to add extra value to your enablement investment.


A case in point

See how our program of facilitator-led workshops enabled a Fortune-500 US Communications Provider to quickly gain the buy-in of indirect sales partners and grow revenues for a new cloud business.