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Assessment Services

Any successful enablement program will need to be aligned with business results. But there are two key questions for ensuring these results are met:

  • What is the starting point of the journey? Which roles, capabilities and enablement are required to get us where we need to be?
  • How do we track progress? Will we know when we have reached our goal?

Engage ESM two-step Assessment Services will answer these questions – increasing the likelihood of success.

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Step 1: Enablement Needs Analysis 

Before designing an enablement program, we assess the profiles, experience and knowledge of the individuals involved. We then put these in the context of wider business goals. That way we can craft a program that meets all requirements.


Step 2: Capability Assessments

Every program we design is underpinned by our advanced metrics. Using all levels of the Kirkpatrick Evaluation system, we can uncover both the ‘leading’ and ‘lagging’ results:

  • Leading results are key measurements that predict the successful outcome of a program. e.g. evidence of behaviour change or how new capabilities are being used
  • Lagging results are the business results and ROI seen from the program e.g. increased revenues, increased win rates and sales effectiveness, decreased time-to-value and sales cycles

After designing the delivery components, we are able to show to you how new practices are being adopted in your organisation. We can then determine the likely results of the program and add interventions where necessary. Our capability assessments include:

  • Online objective and multiple choice tests
  • Candidate interview and observation
  • Manager interviews
  • Post-program expert surgeries

We can also create accreditation and certification exams. That way you can be sure individuals are applying new skills in real-life scenarios.

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