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Acceleration Services

The 70:20:10 rule tells us a lot about the way people acquire knowledge. Individuals obtain 70% from job-related experiences. They get 20% from interactions with others. And around 10% from formal educational events.

So increasing the effectiveness of enablement events is a big challenge. A single event may provide results but it is hard to embed behavioural change with one-off learning.

That is why Engage ESM designs enablement programs based on job simulation and real-world scenarios. Results improve by extending enablement through our modular-based program design. 
Our Acceleration Services are scalable and accessible. They reinforce content so that individuals embed learning into daily life.  We also provide the capability coaching and mentoring to uncover and overcome roadblocks and speed up success.


What do they look like?

Acceleration services are available in-person or digitally:

  • Facilitator-led services include individual and group coaching, reinforcement, and simulation programs
  • Digital learning includes video on-demand, follow-up gaming, tools and practical learning assets

We can also equip your managers with everything they need to coach and mentor employees.


Next steps

Why not take a look at our Sales ROI Roadmap and see how our acceleration services can increase the results you get from your enablement programs? Alternatively get in touch and see how we can accelerate success for you.