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    Enabling Market Success through Business Change

Innovative Business and Sales Enablement

Taking a new solution to market? Entering a new market? Responding to changing buyer behaviours? Creating engaging enablement programs that deliver behavioural change and business results can be a major headache.

Add to this budget constraints, expanding sales channels, changing expectations, and the challenge only gets bigger. Engage ESM will help you overcome these obstacles.


But what makes us different?

We take a modular approach to enablement and tailor programs to meet your specific circumstances. If geographical footprint is an issue, our Digitalized Learning services could be the answer. If you need to provide rich insights face-to-face to justify time away from customer meetings then our Facilitator-led Programs could be the ideal approach.


Combine learning methods

You can combine these modular learning methods to create an overall role-based enablement program. Created by our industry-leading consultants, these roadmaps ensure maximum results and sustainability of the program.

We do this by reinforcing new skills through a continuous learning journey. Our practical tools, monitoring and coaching mean individuals get the support they need to adopt new practices and contribute to real success.

Using our role-based approach and underpinned by our advanced business metrics program, any final program design will always be built around your priorities to deliver the business outcomes required.

To view example roadmaps see our spotlight programs. Or learn more about the building blocks of our innovative enablement programs: 


A case in point

See how we created business results through our innovative programs for Cisco and a Fortune 500 US Communications Provider.