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Success On Demand

Engage ESM is highly experienced and skilled in creating sales enablement videos. These videos differ to marketing videos as they are created to aide learning, content retention and sales behavioural change. 

The videos are created using proven learning practices including Cognitive Load theories, NLP and accelerated learning; the same techniques we use in a live classroom environment to maximise learning and development.  They maximise and combine considerable training, sales, digital learning and development experience to create key training and enablement content a short but effective manner.

Videos can be used to prepare delegates for live workshop events to minimise time “off the road” and to reinforce key messaging and topics of facilitator-led programs to increase retention and results in the field. Engage ESM also creates standalone video-on-demand programs that provide effective enablement at scale.

Our video series are further supported by sales aides and tools to drive engagement and action with customers and apply the learning to deliver results fasters.

A managed service

Our consultants are specially trained in writing and composing the scripts used for video production. Utilising their subject matter knowledge, sales expertise and learning and development best practice, our consultants will fully craft the video series for you. We will then film, edit and produce the video series in line with your branding guidelines and featuring your logos, look and feel.

Choice in video production

Partnering with a leading marketing agency, we offer three styles of video production to suit your preferences.


The live on-screen presenter is combined with and supported by on-screen and full screen 2D artwork to emphasise and support the content messaging and learning. Combining live presentation with artwork provides the learner engagement and interest needed to convey the often complex messaging and learning.

There are two options available in our Enable range to allow most budgets to be met!


Instead of using 2D artwork, the live on-screen presenter is combined with and supported by on-screen and full screen animation (up to 3 minutes per video). The opening and closing titles of the videos are also animated. The animation provides additional engagement and increases the sophistication of the visuals.


Immerse sees the sophistication of the visuals and animations further enhanced to provide complex animation with a higher level of movement (up to 3 minutes per video). The opening and closing title are also animated. This allows learners to become more immersed in the imagery.

See the styles in action

Watch the video below to see an example of each style.

A case in point

Learn how one Fortune 500 company quickly gained the buy-in of indirect sales partners to grow revenues for a new cloud business through a combination of specialist Cloud Enablement workshops and 24 easy-access videos to broaden reach to the entire channel.