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Digitalised Learning

People no longer work 9-5. They are not tied their desks. Instead they want to stay connected, accessing information when and where they need it.

The digital world has brought many opportunities. It has also brought challenges, especially for enablement programs. Restrictions on time, budgets and travel mean reaching a large number of people through traditional methods no longer works.

Engage ESM offers enterprises the solution. Our digitalised learning  – bespoke and blended with facilitator-led services or standalone digital services – offer you the ability to reach a wider audience. They also cut time-to-value, often at a reduced per-head price than traditional enablement programs.

The combination of facilitator-led workshops and video series to provide scale and reinforcement has accelerated the success of the company’s cloud solutions business. Between 75-80% of anticipated cloud sales came in the first three months – five months ahead of schedule.

Alliance Manager, Fortune 500 US Communications Provider


How do we do it?

We use gamification, instructional videos, podcasts, and online quizzes to engage learners. Content is delivered in bite-sized modules that typically last no more than a few minutes. This makes it easier to absorb and retain information, making lessons and course activities more successful.


A case in point

Learn how Engage ESM enabled Cisco to reach thousands of partners and customers within three weeks. We created a gaming app that raised awareness of Cisco’s end-to-end security proposition, making it easier to understand how it could solve today’s business challenges.