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Scalable Learning

Delivering a scalable enablement program that delivers against its desired outcomes is no mean feat. Time, budget, and travel restrictions, as well as large staff numbers, all add to the challenge.

At Engage ESM we create bespoke, innovative and scalable solutions that deliver results. That is because each of our training programmes is based on the specific business challenges and objectives of our customers. Our scalable, digitalised learning approach worked for Cisco. Our use of gaming to deliver scalable learning helped with increasing sales and delivering behavioural change.


Gaming to Engage Thousands

Cisco wanted to quickly reach an audience of thousands. Network Security was a key market/sales priority area for Cisco but customers and partners were unaware it offered an end-to-end solution.
Cisco came to us to understand how to educate customers and partners on network security threats and Cisco’s expertise in this area. We had to quickly capture the attention of a global audience in a fun and engaging way.


How to demonstrate Cisco's end-to-end security?

Engage ESM worked with Cisco to create a gaming concept. The game, Net Invaders, provided three business challenges for players to explore – defending against security threats in the datacentre, office and mobile workforce. It succeeded on two levels. Firstly, by educating players about the threats. And secondly, by demonstrating how Cisco’s end-to-end security proposition could combat them.

The game was created as an app, available on Android and iOS, and launched in GooglePlay and iTunes. Within the first week of release it was downloaded 3,000 times, with reviews averaging 4.5 stars.




Next Steps

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