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IoT Partner Acceleration

Digital Transformation (DX) is high on the priority list of many businesses, this has in part been brought about by the move to Digital Business models and the increasing adoption of the Internet of Things (loT).

Delivering solutions and services to the market also requires a level of transformation in your own company as it is often different from your core business. This means a diversion of key resources away from your day to day activities to plan, prepare, implement and refine the newly created revenue stream.

Failure to set out clear and realistic goals with a risk assessment, allocate budget and assign appropriate resources will most likely result in failure of the project with no discernible return on investment. This unwanted outcome could consume valuable and unplanned time, money and resources in the process.

Many hardware and software vendors are focussing on loT, there is a wealth of technical and sales training available from them. This does not cover all that is required to create a successful business, the other steps are outside the vendor's remit.

Why engage with Engage?

  • Digital Transformation is a new channel opportunity but is not yet mainstream; time to market is critical for success
  • Many companies approach DX and IoT as just creating a better version of the past way of doing business, our experience tells us that this will not succeed
  • DX and IoT are at their heart another business opportunity, they need to be approached in the same manner as any other addition to the portfolio
  • Business support and mentoring can ease the burden on your organisation and help create a sustainable model that delivers a regular new revenue stream
  • Fully enable your sales teams to successfully engage customers with this new opportunity is key to success