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The Path to Digitisation - Cisco Hybrid Cloud-Ready Network

With so many companies looking to embrace digital, there is a huge potential market for the cloud services that support digitisation.

So how can you take advantage by offering the support that customers are looking for? Engage ESM can provide you with all the enablement your teams need.


Case in point

We developed a comprehensive programme for Cisco Systems. It is designed for channel partners so they can support their customers on their path to digitisation using the Cisco ‘Hybrid Cloud-Ready’ network.

A wealth of experience

As a Cisco Software and Advanced Services Partner, Engage ESM has extensive experience in the design and deployment of its hybrid cloud solutions. This includes customer and application lifecycle management connected to Cisco CloudCenter deployments. And as the diagram below demonstrates, we can also provide you with the consultancy services you need to enhance your overall enablement programme.


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