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Selling Cloud Services

The impact of cloud services on how IT is consumed is nothing new. Yet the pace at which companies are investigating and moving applications to the cloud is quickly increasing.

This has major implications for IT vendors and their partners. Lines of business are often circumventing the IT department and making modest IT purchases (known as Shadow IT). This new scenario requires a step-change in the way sales teams encourage the adoption and renewal of IT. It means changing planning, structure, reward, and compensation plans. It also means making sure that you are engaging with customers from the line of business and that customers are fully engaged. 


Increase existing revenues

Using our existing cloud sales roadmap, Engage ESM supports vendors, services providers, brokers, aggregators, and resellers in launching new cloud services and increasing sales in existing services. 


A complete business strategy

The Engage ESM roadmap offers a holistic approach. It starts with how to build a cloud practice and go-to-market strategy. It then goes right through to sales, marketing, and technical enablement. This end-to-end journey ensures teams are equipped with the skills, confidence, and knowledge they need to start strategic conversations and generate new cloud business.


Tailored to your specific requirements

Our roadmap is ready to adopt, or you can use it as a foundation for a customized enablement programmes. To see how our roadmap delivered for two very different cloud services providers and their channels, download the detailed case studies on top-100 cloud service provider Cirrity and a Fortune 500 company.

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