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As a additional service to our Cloud Sales program, you are invited to access a series of new complimentary video-on-demands (VOD), which remind you of the key learning messages and tactics for selling Cloud. These VODs have been produced to support your learning and help accelerate your Cloud sales performance.
Created by Engage ESM these VODs focus on topics such as customer engagement, qualification and Capex vs. Opex, highlighting key messages from Engage ESM’s hugely successful “How to Sell Cloud Services" instructor-led workshop.


Cloud Sales Videos

Change How and When we Engage with Customers Duration is approximately 10 minutes As we move in to World of Selling Cloud Services, the traditional sales engagement model needs to change and there are some fundamental changes in the Roles and Responsibilities of everybody involved in the buying process that sales people must be aware of to be successful.  This video is about those changes in ‘How and When we engage with customers” and their importance to you as a sales person.
Early Qualification of a Customer's Cloud Strategy Duration is approximately 9 minutes Cloud based solutions for IT services are becoming extremely pervasive.  Many of the largest players in the World of Information Technology are investing Billions in taking advantage of this growing trend.  It’s recognized by many that success will come from signing up a customer that stays with you for life, gradually increasing their spend by increasing their consumption of the technology and service you offer.
Understanding the Key Cloud Imperative for the CIO Duration is approximately 7 minutes The role of the CIO and the IT organization is changing and therefore the imperatives of the CIO and what’s important is changing.  In this video we explore these changes and how sales people most successful Cloud sales strategy can be selling through the IT organization, not around the IT organization.
Identifying the Business Buyer of Cloud IT Services Duration is approximately 9 minutes In this video,  we look at how to find the parts of a business that have the need for your Cloud services, and therefore create sales opportunities which you can take to the CIO and IT organization.  We also look at how we find and leverage, the operational financial resources of these BDMs. 
Understand Capex versus Opex IT Investments Duration is approximately 11 minutes

Selling Cloud Services successfully means having a better understanding of how organisations fund their investment in IT. In this video we’ll look at how Cloud Services are fundamentally changing the way finance works in IT procurement.

Based on this you will be able to open up new sales opportunities for Cloud Services and find the information you need in order to help your customer put together a compelling business case for IT investment.

How Cloud Improves the Financial Investment Metrics of ROI and Payback Duration is approximately 7 minutes This video follows on from the "Understanding Capex versus Opex IT Investment" video and continues to look at the financial comparisons between Capex and Opex investments. The video  demonstrates how two of the most important financial metrics, ROI and Payback, are improved through the acquisition of Cloud based services that use a pay as you go, Opex based investment model. The video explores the benefits of procuring IT by Opex and provides 10 Questions that will assist you in understanding various financial aspects of a Cloud Service opportunity for your prospective customer.