Engage ESM announces Cisco CloudCenter
JumpStart for HyperFlex

London, August 21, 2017

Engage ESM are pleased to announce the release of our Cisco CloudCenter JumpStart for HyperFlex.

Deployment of HyperFlex with CloudCenter helps deliver complete hyper-convergence and allows benefits from a "scale out" architecture to create a positive cloud experience both on premises and in public cloud.

The release of this new services package enables customers to implement a basic Cisco CloudCenter  to manage & orchestrate workloads in vCenter plus one public Cloud (AWS, Azure or Google). The Cisco CloudCenter JumpStart for HyperFlex unites hyper-convergence and helps assist enterprises with an expanding hybrid IT strategy.

Benefits of HyperFlex and CloudCenter:

  • A single portal allows you to manage workloads without the need for knowledge of specific tools for each cloud environment
  • Infrastructure services are easy to consume - both on premise and in public cloud
  • An application-centric automation layer is delivered 
  • Allows for change within an expanding hybrid cloud strategy

To find out more about HyperFlex with Cisco CloudCenter, click here or contact our Cloud team here.

About Engage ESM

Originally the first EMEA GTM and Services partner of CliQr Technologies (prior to Cisco’s acquisition). We have been Implementing CloudCenter from 2015 across various sectors including Government, Financial Services, Healthcare, Telco/MSP , Global IT Infrastructure, Manufacturing & Pharma.

Engage ESM are Cisco Enterprise CloudCenter Suite (ECS) and ACI Software Integrators, Cisco Advanced Services (AS) delivery partners & ongoing co-developers of the Cisco CloudCenter (CliQr)–ServiceNow integration working directly for Cisco R&D.

Engage ESM are also Cisco’s exclusive EMEA CloudCenter training and enablement partner, delivering enablement to Cisco, Cisco’s partners and end users alike.