Case Study:
Financial Services

Summary of Proof of Concept Delivery

The prospect had been using a script based orchestration solution with limited success. The value of agnostic multi-cloud orchestration together with full governance of Shadow IT drives the value of the engagement.


Sector: Finance
Number of Employees: 7,000
Number of Data Centers: 4 currently (consolidating to 3)
Number of Servers: 512 end state at 5 years
Server Platform(s): Linux, Windows, VMware
Networking: ACI
Storage: Netapp
ACI Customer Yes (to be implemented)
Sponsor: Global Head of Infrastructure
Business Driver: Reduced cost with increased governance
IT Initiative: IaaS, Migration Services and Managed Service
PoC: Customer SaaS
Timing: December 2016

Success Criteria

  • Model Customer Application (Blockchain and Hadoop based MapR, underlying infrastructure and networking)
  • Deploy to both AWS, Azure & Google with single application profile
  • ServiceNow Integration for request and CMDB update
  • Show charge back reporting