Unsere Top 10 Tipps zur Implementierung von ServiceNow

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ServiceNow is a powerful, market-leading Service Management tool, but a successful project is more than just about buying the right tool.

Our new guide, Top 10 Tips For Implementing ServiceNow, draws on nearly a decade of experience implementing ServiceNow worldwide.  It offers insights into how to get the most out of the platform and achieve your business outcomes, so take a look before you start your next ServiceNow project.  Or even if you are halfway through your current one!

Whether you are deploying your first instance of ServiceNow or are looking to expand the platform across your enterprise to leverage your investment, this guide has some handy hints for you so complete your details to download it.

From Defining Your Business Success to Training Your Staff, it covers all major aspects of a ServiceNow project. Download now to see how you can improve the implementation of your next ServiceNow project.

As well as your current project, it is vital to look at how you will support the current deployment moving forward and what your future needs might be.

Download the guide to see what tips might help you.

Whether you're planning a straightforward IT Service Management (ITSM) implementation or looking to improve operational excellence across non-IT service management segments, such as HR, facilities and customer service management, let the technology facilitate your goals rather than be constrained by it.

Roderick De Guzman, CTO, Engage ESM

The Authors

Joe McKenna, Executive Director and Global, Practice Lead, Engage ESM

Joe has had an extensive career within Service Management, including advising and implementing end-to-end Enterprise Service Management programs. Joe has worked on numerous transformation projects with global organizations, giving him first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced across the enterprise. Joe McKenna has been an Executive Director of Engage ESM since 2001. In January 2017 he took on the additional role of Global Practice Lead, ServiceNow, for Atos. Joe has more than 30 years’ experience across IT and prior to Engage ESM, he held senior roles at Fujitsu and ICL.

Roderick De Guzman, CTO, Engage ESM

A technology agnostic and business outcomes focused trusted advisor. Roderick has over 15 years’ experience in defining, designing and helping organizations with their Enterprise Service Management strategy and transformation in order to drive operational excellence. Many of his peers refer to him as a “Digital Swiss Army Knife” due to his love of technology and its applicability in resolving complex and real world business issues.