Case Study:
Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water Services Limited (YWS) is the 9th largest Water Utility in the world with a group turnover of more than £725 million. It manages the collection, treatment and distribution of water in Yorkshire, serving a population of approximately 4.9 million people as well as around 130,000 businesses.

Yorkshire Water IT aspires and intends to be a world-class IT department. The ability to provide highly available IT services to the business, increasingly in a 24x7 operation, is key to the success of the business in meeting regulatory and legislative initiatives. This starts with the provision of highly resilient and robust Telecommunications infrastructures and requires equally resilient and robust software architectures.

With the Engage ESM solution, I regularly pick up and fix device failures or performance issues for our WAN sites before the end users notice and before they even become a service issue

Syed Ahmed, Network Analyst, Yorkshire Water

What was needed

Yorkshire Water needed an environment that enabled early detection and notification of potential problems across the Networks Technologies landscapes, enabling a more proactive IT Service Management function. Top of the list was a world class telecommunications service, essential for maintaining the levels of services and availability required by the business. Complimentary to this was getting the network infrastructure into a more compliant state.

How we tackled it

We recommended a combination of high performance monitoring and management tools from HP Software that included:

  • HP NA (Network Automation) for compliance reporting and configuration management
  • HP Operations Manager for server monitoring
  • NNMi (Network Node Manager i- series) with associated Smart plug-ins (i-SPIs), for Performance Management and automated Network Fault Analysis

Business outcomes

  • Full integration with HP Operations Management suite providing a single management view
  • Improved Network Monitoring, providing visibility and notification of all critical events within 5 minutes (max), leading to reduced business downtime
  • Improved Network Security due to the implementation of SNMPv3, enabling encryption of network management traffic across all devices
  • Improved Network Analysis by having the ability to historically evaluate network performance and capacity, and trend growth for improved network stability
  • Ability to generate on-demand and regular compliance reports

Learn more about Yorkshire Water on their website by clicking here.

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