Case Study:
PA Consulting

PA Consulting is a consulting, technology and innovation firm with a 70-year pedigree. Established in 1943, its founding aim has been to achieve exceptional results that have a lasting impact on clients, communities and individuals. This ethos underpins everything it does and drives the company forward to create new and demand-driven services.

The challenge

PA Consulting has built a global reputation on solving a wide range of challenges for its clients. These include the implementation of a raft of new digital services, including ServiceNow, and more and more clients have asked PA Consulting to support its ongoing IT management. The challenge was to turn an internal expertise into a global service capability and find a cost-effective way to support the best of ServiceNow without costing clients and the company too much money.

What we did and what was achieved?

Engage ESM worked together with PA Consulting to analyse and upgrade the existing platform rather than an expensive rip and replace.  Elements of ServiceNow were customised and all knowledge was transferred to PA Consulting’s dedicated service team.  This has enabled rapid onboarding of new and existing clients onto the new platform, from a low-risk investment in a new service line that is already meeting high demand from clients.

"For one of our clients we have cut costs by 50% over 2 years"

James Mucklow, Member of PA's Management Group, PA Consulting

Why we worked with Engage ESM

We used Engage ESM because they are specialist in ServiceNow and we needed that capability to upgrade and add extra features and capabilities.  We always look at the value we can add to a client and understand their business problems.  Engage ESM took the same approach to us, so they were able to look at what we wanted, bring their specialist ServiceNow skills, and make the improvements that we needed for our business.

“What was really good was that Engage ESM has helped my ServiceNow expert get even better. They added value to the platform and to our ongoing consulting business.”

James Buss, IT Service Manager, PA Consulting