Case Study:
IT Infrastructure Organization

Summary of Proof of Concept Delivery

The prospect was keen to gain visibility and governance of their shadow IT. This and the ability to model a business service once and then deploy into many potential cloud providers were all key considerations in driving the value of the engagement.

EMEAR: Sweden

Customer is a Nordic IT infrastructure company

Customer Segment: MSP
Number of Employees: 6,800+
Number of Data Centers: 17
ACI Customer: Yes
Sponsor: Group CTO
Business driver: Reduced time to market
IT Initiative: Multi-cloud agility and
reduce deployment time by 75%
PoC: Engage ESM SaaS
Timing: October 2016

Success Criteria

  • Model Microsoft Contoso University Application and underlying infrastructure and networking
  • Deploy to both AWS and Azure with single application profile
  • Show full multi-tenancy
  • Show charge back reporting
  • Demonstrate ServiceNow Integration

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