Bupa: using enhanced support to enable your enterprise

David Mountain - 7th July 2020

How Bupa responded to changes to working life and new, urgent requirements

One of the benefits of an Enhanced Support contract is giving customers access to BAU Consultants. Engage ESM expert consultants work closely with customers, becoming familiar with their instances, processes and contacts within those respective businesses.

As a result of global events, these challenging times have given Engage ESM opportunities to help numerous customers in order for them to operate efficiently, as well as provide beneficial services to their businesses and employees during this unprecedented time.

One of the companies we have carried out Enhanced Support for is healthcare giant Bupa. They had an urgent business demand for a new Form and Workflow to be associated with a new Request Item, this was needed for end users to continue with their day-to-day functions outside of the office environment. They were now able to access important services effortlessly (e.g. ordering hardware) whilst working from home or self-isolating.

There were additional requirements as a request needed to be sent to a 3rd party supplier with acknowledgement that the orders had been received by the 3rd party. There were other complexities which needed to be built in which were specific for Bupa’s business processes and governance.

The solution needed to be turned round quickly, quite often the requirements changed given the nature of the unusual circumstances we are all operating in. But our Lead Technical Consultant worked closely and collaboratively with Bupa and the solution was delivered in an optimal time, tested by Bupa, and deployed into their production instance bringing immediate benefits to the organisation.

We work with customers to provide quick solutions, specially tailored to your needs. Find out more about our Enhanced Support offering here, or contact us today.