Top 10 New Mobile App Features in ServiceNow Paris Release

Kripa Shenai - 13th January 2021

ServiceNow has come a long way since it released the Native Mobile Platform 2 years ago with rapid advances and increased reliance on Micro-moments and how it impacts and transforms the workplace.  

This also means that the Classic Mobile App is phased out and no longer receiving enhancements or non-priority bug fixes from the Paris release.

We are now in an era of smartphone-based productivity, and work-on-the-go comes as a natural next step for many. We can see a lot of that approach addressed in the recent ServiceNow Paris release.

Below is a list of the top 10 Mobile App features in ServiceNow Paris Release:

1. Out-of-the-box experiences for Safe Workplace, Emergency Response Management, ITAM, Finance & legal 

At a time of unprecedented challenges, organizations needed a way to ensure outreach among their employees. ServiceNow has come up with responsive mobile solutions for organizations and employees to help communicate and self-report their health status.

2. Actionable Push Notification

Enable micro-moment actions right from Notifications without the need to even open the App using your Phone or Apple Watch.

Examples: Accept or reject tasks / Comment on a task /Launch chat.


3. Mobile Campaigns for HR 

Share advanced targeted content that includes videos, images (banners), and text cards to your users using an interactive carousel format. Mobile Campaigns can help provide a more visualized experience and engage employees better with promoted content such as Announcements, News, or Corporate campaigns.

4. Powerful Manager Dashboards  

Much needed Enhancement for Mobile based Dashboards. Paris brings with it additional visualizations such as Bar charts (regular bars & stacked bars)​, Donuts charts, Interactive dashboards, and next-level drill-downs. Also comes Integrated with Performance Analytics to track KPIs in real-time and act on the go.

5. Mobile security enhancements 

FedRAMP: Enforce device pin & Encryption of locally stored app data to enable Secured connectivity.
Domain Separation: Separate data between service providers, customers, partners, or sub-organizations.
Edge Encryption: ServiceNow® Edge Encryption encrypts sensitive data on your company premises before sending and receiving it over the internet.

6. Notifications management 

Users can control which push notifications they receive on their mobile devices. Note - The notifications setting on your mobile device takes precedence over the notifications settings on the mobile app.

7. Advanced Filters

A marked improvement in obtaining relevant result set using Server-based filtering instead of the limited client-based filtering. A faster approach using fewer taps and visual data pickers.

8. Copy Applets

No need to recreate an applet from scratch every time you want to create a new one based on the same UI you need. ServiceNow provides a way to copy applet (List and Employee Directory Applet at this time) using Studio.

9. Scheduled Offline

A much more seamless offline/online experience. Create work schedules for offline caching and continue to use the app while data is downloading.

10. Force local login:

Administrators can independently configure local login experience for different mobile applications even when the instance is configured with Single Sign On (SSO) configuration.

In my next blog I will give you a deep dive into Paris Release Field Service Management improvements.

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