The ServiceNow Geneva upgrade is here!

Jess Robinson - 15th December 2015

It’s an exciting time in the world of ServiceNow – the Geneva upgrade is finally here!

Development Improvements

From the development side, one of the new additions we’re very excited about over here at Innovise ESM is the new scripting IDE. Scripting is such a powerful tool in ServiceNow, and up until now, developers have had to use third party word editors such as Notepad++ or Sublime Text if we wanted extra features, such as syntax highlighting. With the new integrated development environment in ServiceNow, we can spend less time copying and pasting, and more time coding!

One of the tools included in this is the new auto-completion feature (see below). No more frantically searching the ServiceNow Wiki APIs to try and find exactly which function will do what you want – they now appear in a handy list, along with a short description.








The UI has been overhauled for Geneva too, which brings a whole new look and feel to the service. New themes, icons, and design means that the system is more customisable than ever before.


The Knowledge feature is one that is fast becoming invaluable to businesses, as it fosters self-learning and quick access to common questions. Geneva brings with it a new format for knowledge, Social Q&A. Popularised by many websites including Reddit, StackExchange, and Quora, this means that users can ask any question, with correct and/or helpful answers rising to the top of the answer list via votes.

This innovative and familiar system minimises editing and checking by the Knowledge team, as the voting system self-regulates, with unhelpful or wrong answers sinking to the bottom of the page. The question owner can also “accept” an answer, which will instantly place it at the top of the page (right below the question). The Social Q&A feature slots in seamlessly alongside other types of knowledge article, meaning it can be searched, categorised and tagged.


Another plug-in that has been improved upon massively with the Geneva upgrade is the new version of Notify. By collaborating with Twilio, it’s now easy to send text messages and set up calls when certain events happen – all using the intuitive Workflow design. For example, you can set up a conference call with key stakeholders when a high-priority incident occurs, or you can notify users via text with their change update. With the capability to also notify users via Apple Watch, the opportunities for integration just keep getting better.

There’s bound to be more progress that can be made, bugs to be found, and new challenges to be faced – but for now, Geneva is a great improvement and expands the boundaries even further of what ServiceNow can offer.

For more information on how we can help you upgrade please contact us.