Security Operations in Jakarta

Venetia Rook - 17th July 2017

The release of Jakarta, ServiceNow's latest upgrade, comes at a time when organizations are scrambling to find an appropriate solution to improve their security operations environment. Following over 300,000 computers infected by WannaCry last month, security is now the number one priority for organizations small and large. Engage ESM were asked to help with the testing stage of Jakarta and I was able to have an opportunity to experience the new features that it had to offer.

At Engage ESM we take our customers’ security very seriously, therefore we are bringing new Security Operations functionality in July with the Jakarta release of ServiceNow. In addition to more 3rd Party integrations, this release includes the launch of a new application built into Security Operations, called Trusted Security Circles.

Trusted Security Circles allow organizations to proactively and securely share threat intelligence in near real-time with suppliers, partners and peers.

The easily configurable, 3 key elements are:

  • Profiles
    Ranging from full anonymity to full disclosure, an organization can have different profiles within different Trusted Security Circles, choosing what level of organizational information they wish to share.
  • Policies
    Who can share or view profiles or information.
  • Shared Intelligence
    At a minimum, a list of 1 or more observables, the number of occurrences in an instance with a name and description.

An organization can quickly see if the threat they are experiencing is also happening to anyone else in their Trusted Circle, then depending on the nature of the threat, automatically create a security incident. ServiceNow can then manage related workflows, automation and orchestration to proactively block the incoming attack.

This is an exciting development and I can’t wait to start implementing the new Security Operations functionality with our customers, and as a Gold Services ServiceNow partner, Engage ESM is ideally placed to help. To learn more, get in touch with the Engage ESM team to organize a demo.