Reaching New Heights at the April 2016 UK SNUG

Ana Gaffney - 27th April 2016

We had a fantastic turnout at the latest SNUG held at RAF Cosford Museum on 26th April, and I am sure everyone was looking forward to the wide range of presentations and workshops.

The venue was stunning and it was great to be able to get so close to such amazing machines. Certainly there was plenty of photography going on!


We kicked off with a presentation from one of our customers - University of Liverpool and that certainly sparked a lot of conversation at the end of the presentation around Auto-assign.

Throughout the day there was also a Hackathon, facilitated by Simon Morris of ServiceNow.

Next was a new section for the agenda, Customer Sharing, where current users just informally share what they have been doing with other interested users. This was very popular and we hope to get more users happy to come and share the interesting things they have been doing in ServiceNow.



After lunch (and some great cakes!) we had our breakout sessions.

Gavin Palmer-Mills presented a very popular overview of his SIAM implementation at TNT, whilst at the same time CliQr discussed Vodafone’s Cloud Transformation. Those that did not fancy either of those were able to catch up with the Hackathon update.

After the Quarterly Patching update, we moved to the networking session, once again the topics had been selected by the SNUG committee as a result of feedback from the group to make sure members are getting access to the information they need.

We finished with the final Hackathon demo which had resulted in a nice little app. Someone commented that what had been achieved in 4 hours was better than they had achieved in severals weeks.

So a successful day, and a good opportunity for those that can’t make it into London to be able to participate in the User Group. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the next SNUG.