Atos Product Quality Inspection with ServiceNow – Hannover Messe key takeaways

Łukasz Cieślik - 26th April 2021

Recently I had the pleasure of joining Hannover Messe, the world’s leading tradeshow for industrial technology, to present a Livestream session on how Atos Product Quality Inspection (QI) helps to substantially improve manufacturing operations. 

In this blog, I will outline the key insights presented during my Hannover Messe session “Quality Inspection - AI/ML Supported Manufacturing Excellence Built on Now”.

Diving in, what is the Quality Inspection solution and how does it increase efficiencies from the shop floor to the top floor?

In a nutshell, the solution enables an efficient inspection process to be executed by skilled personnel, not by production workers. This standardizes quality and eliminates paper-based processes and documentation, thereby increasing operational productivity. 

It enables users to identify remediation requirements, predict failures, and forecast production trends in a seamless way.

Users are also able to manage issue resolution and channel interactions more effectively, as well as monitor and report on supplier performance. For employees, Quality Inspection using ServiceNow boosts productivity, with optimized workflows and faster onboarding and qualification of new vendors.

Behind the scenes how was the solution developed?

To ensure we empower manufacturers to become more agile and sustainable without interrupting existing work, we developed the solution by integrating TPSH technology, with contactless scanning services, and ServiceNow, which is the best workflow platform for modern enterprises. 

In my session, I also walked the audience through the 7 QI process steps to give manufacturers a feel for how the solution works in a real-world scenario.

Great, and how do manufacturers benefit from this best-of-breed solution?

Built on the Now Platform, QI enables manufacturers to perform product and parts quality inspection by automatically identifying non-conformities, digitizing inspection details, finding solutions, and enabling the entire end-to-end process to be better managed. 

The result is increased product quality, more automation of manual processes, and improved visibility of vendor performance. 

In summary, Quality Inspection benefits include:

  • Digitized non-conformity and certification signature traceability
  • Improved and automated quality inspection process
  • Improved vendor performance
  • Faster time to market for new products

Ready to learn more?

Atos with Engage ESM and ServiceNow can help you establish a rapid development engine that optimizes your entire value chain, from the shop floor to the top floor.  

For more details on how we can help you achieve Manufacturing excellence visit our website or get in touch with my colleague Guy Denis, our Manufacturing Industry Specialist.

If you attended Hannover Messe and missed my session you can watch the recording here

Should you want to watch the session, but you did not attend the event, click here to get a free ticket and watch the session and also find more product details on Atos and ServiceNow digital exhibiting spaces.