Accelerating transformation by emphasizing the human factor

James Bevan - 3rd November 2021

Organizations need to adapt and evolve to external circumstances except for today it's different because it needs to be done with a level of agility and speed that we've just never seen before. 

Now, technology as we know it is speeding up the rates of change, just look at rapidly changing consumer behavior in your markets. However, it also provides many of the answers that this cycle of change is posing. 

The Financial Services markets are no strangers to this disruption either and we see a huge amount of investment being made in digital transformation across all aspects of financial services particularly compared to pre-pandemic. 

In this blog, I am highlighting the key takeaways on the role of collaboration in escalating the innovation shared by our client Coventry Building Society in a recent digital event we organized in partnership with ServiceNow.

The perfect storm to improve the user and customer journeys

The pandemic brought a great opportunity for Coventry Building Society to innovate and transform its digital operations and workflows.  

Simon Holbrook, IT Service & ServiceNow Platform Manager from Coventry Building Society: “A year ago, we were actually going through contract renewal renegotiation and so it was a perfect storm if you like to quickly pick things up and run. We took a step back to analyze what can we actually do to make the customer journey better.”

With the growth mindset in place, the Society’s IT Service & ServiceNow Platform team needed to find a way to accelerate transformation by emphasizing the collaboration do drive innovation: “The four different pillars: the grow-mindset, the need to collaborate, the need to innovate and then telling people have been absolutely critical for the journey we’ve been on,” adds Simon. 
Overcoming the hybrid working with a human-first approach

Working from home was a challenge for Coventry Building Society as it was for all of us. The Society had to quickly accommodate a big number of employees that never worked for home to the new hybrid working reality. 

ServiceNow platform was used in various ways to help the Society quickly adjust to the new way of working: “Different initiatives, such as enhancing the knowledge base, expanding that knowledge base so that we could say to people, the guides are here for your to use,” continues Simon. 

Getting better while adapting to the new reality

“During the Covid curve we saw a massive hit on our service desk because they are the front door of IT and we saw call volumes go absolutely through the roof, so we looked at embracing our Virtual Agent,” Simon adds.

After implementing the Virtual Agent module Coventry Building Society saw a massive uptake in tickets that are being raised on the portal and then followed up via by the virtual agent or on the portal itself. Now calls to the service desk are taking up just 10-15% of previous calling levels.

Bringing down the core volumes and the wait times for people trying to quickly find the needed support and info was instrumental for operational efficiency during the challenging times.

Going Pro for future business grow

“The ITSM PRO license module works better for us because we get things like Virtual Agent and other features that really are going to make a difference to our users and their journey,” Simon says.

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Click here to watch the entire session to discover details on how Simon’s team is using various ServiceNow ITSM PRO capabilities to enhance the user experience and customer journey, including transforming, modernizing, and improving the internal recruitment process.

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