Accelerate into 2016 with ServiceNow!

Ana Gaffney - 10th December 2015

So 8th December saw another AccelerateNow, the exclusive event for ServiceNow customers. We had a lovely venue at Grange St Paul’s Hotel – greatly helped by the unexpected December sunshine.

There was an excellent turnout of nearly 50 customers, keen to hear from a variety of ServiceNow speakers.

We started with a recap of some of the main points from the NowForum from Cliff Davies. Neil McGowen, Enterprise Strategist, then covered driving SN into other areas of the business. He raised some interesting points about taking a step back and looking at why we are in business in the first place. Businesses are looking for return on capital, increase in shareholder value etc. So how do businesses achieve this? It is through growth, productivity and risk management. And this is where ServiceNow can help.

ServiceNow does not just provide a single, tactical solution. It provides a platform that allows you to deliver service across the organisation, not matter what that service is or where it is. This drive towards operational excellence promotes growth, increases productivity and efficiency, and provides risk management and governance.

Then after a short break for refreshments, we were all excited to hear about what will be coming in the Geneva upgrade……. but that’s for another blog.

AccelerateNow runs regularly throughout the year with different agenda items – if you are interested in registering your interest for the next one please click here.

Or click here for more information on how Engage ESM can help you extend your ServiceNow platform throughout your enterprise.